Free Download theme Blackberry

Blackberry cell phone have not felt the theme was fun reply-that's all, let alone the theme is the most common thing we see. Well if you are bored with the themes of the course why not replace the new?

Here are some themes that you can download for your favorite blackberries, naturally adapted to its type. Many themes that have such fine and Hallife terminator theme, it's just, to download please click on the name of the theme

Blackberry Bold 9000

The Dark Knigth


Blackberry 8100 Pearl

Blackberry 8100 Pearl

Blackberry 8100 Pearl

Blackberry 8100 Pearl
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browsers on blackberry disappeared

There are enough interesting problems, where you suddenly lost browser icon on your blackberry, this often happens after we do upgrade the software, or activate a new phone, there are some tricks you can do

-make sure you are connected to the BIS
-make sure there are no icons hidden menu, be sure to press the menu button on the select sho all, double check the menu, if the browser has emerged

-go to> Advanced Options> Host Routing Table, press the menu button and select the register now, wait until 30 seconds and the browser's icon should appear again, sometimes, can take a long time depending on the range and quality of your operator services, if indeed did not come straight here to do the trick, pull the battery

if the problem is still there, doing tricks sent back service book

good luck
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can not receive email on blackberry

need and know that I do not receive email on your blackberry is a common thing this is a natural problem, this happens to those who already use the blackberry service, and previously was able to receive push email, but suddenly stopped itself, when checked again, BIS or BES is still functioning,

actually easier to deal with this, but for those who do not know this, please refer to hold, well above to overcome this is to go into email settings, log into your account or directly seek help option, select the help earlier and select send service book.
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lost messages in the inbox and call log suddenly on blackberry/Memory leak

Blackberry devices have some disease "memory leak", but more deeply it shows a situation where we often lose data unexpectedly, especially messages or emails and sms from the inbox and folders in the phone call data logs

The first thing we can do is check the free memory (file free) in our device, we can do in two ways:

The first to enter the menu> options> status.

second by pressing the ALT + SHIFT + H at the same time

we can see there is a free file indicator is displayed in units of bytes, make sure you are always leaving about 14mb (14,000,000 bytes) memory leak that is no longer happening

you can provide additional memory by deleting applications that are not innate and not too important in the use, or themes that are no longer required, this problem has nothing to do with external memory (memory cards), so even if you install the memory card for a count of GB this will not have completed the problem
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overcome many routine problems on blackberry

remedy common problems is a pulling blackberry batrey when blackberries are still active, the removal batrey suddenly able to overcome this common problem in third-party applications, themes, common data and so on

way: when blackberries are still switched on, pull batrey, wait until about 30 seconds, then enter again, let the blackberry do automatically rebooting

This effort can overcome many problems in the blackberry routine, but if you feel trouble opening the case, removed, then put back casing Batrey then install again, you can use an alternative way

namely by pressing right + DEL for 1-2 seconds, this process will also trigger the system to reboot, remove batrey equivalent, or if it is felt less, do double reset the blackberry, that is by pressing combinations of buttons above, the screen turns black, wait until no black screen (right before the reboot starts again and then do the button combination)

berblackberry jolly good
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Free Theme Blackberry - Mobile Theme Bundle 5

Completely transform the way your BlackBerry looks. Change all of the icons, colors and the backgrounds. Change the cartoon on every screen.

* Premium ZLauncher Themes: Magic, Cosmos, Solstice, and Raven fabricated accurately for anniversary BlackBerry device/screen size.

* Over 30 added BlackBerry Backgrounds which bout the capacity in assorted sizes 240sq, 240x260, 320x240


* BlackBerry Models 7100, 8100, 8300, 8700, and 8800

* BlackBerry Curve and the Pearl.

Download here
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downgrad ordinances iphone 3g, 3gs 3.1.3 to 3.1.2

Friends only tested the iPhone 3G, not yet tested in 3gs

Who updated the iPhone to firmware 3GS via iTunes 3.1.3 and had the jailbreak and unlock, ended up giving bad losing these benefits.

And later on Monday the Dev-team launched the release for the 3.1.3 firmware with PwnageTool 3:15 still only has a version for Mac - who has Pc will be waiting in the queue.

But who updated their iPhone 3Gs to 3.1.3 can be more peaceful because there is a way back to version 3.1.2.

Just follow the step-by-step following

1. Download the 3.1.2 firmware:

Firmware 3.1.2 iPhone 2G
Firmware 3.1.2 iPhone 3G
Firmware 3.1.2 iPhone 3GS

You may be using iTunes version 9.0.3.

2. Open and edit the hosts file on your computer:

C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts (Windows)


/ etc / hosts (Mac OS X)

Add the following line:

With that iTunes will be thinking about communicating with Apple and the truth will be with the server from Cydia.

3) Connect the iPhone to the USB port and enter the DFU mode. ITunes will indicate that you need to restore your device, click ok and then hold down the ctrl or option click on Mac to restore to navigate your disk where this file with firmware 3.1.2 FW.

4) After finishing the restoration, you should see an error 1015. This is NORMAL. Your iPhone is in recovery mode now, and iTunes will say that a recovery is necessary. Again safety ctrl or option (Mac) click restore to get the firmware 3.1.2. This time do not need to enter in DFU mode.

5) After the restoration is complete you get another error 1015. This is NORMAL again. Just press OK and close iTunes.

6) Open the redsn0w version 0.9.4 and usually do the jailbreak.

7) After you finish the jailbreak the iPhone will reboot and voila, you did the downgrade to firmware 3.1.2.
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PCB blackberry

click on image for a big gain

did not seem nearly three months I made this blog and also had almost three months I also always post about the ins and outs of blackberries and PDAs, but the extent to which you are familiar with hardware parts on the blackberry? this we also need to know the hardware on blackberry harena also extremely important, as long as I have always been discussing tips and tricks, but for my hardware is still lacking, this time I want to give your blackberry PCB images, most people think is not too important, but for fans of this blackberry is very important, because with knowing the parts in a blackberry, if one day we will find it difficult to know which position should be fixed,
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Applications to create keyboard shortcuts to applications on the blackberry

“Favorites” for BlackBerry is specially designed to make your everyday mobile phone tasks a lot easier, enhancing overall performance and productivity. It provides visual speed dial features, allowing users to easily dial favorite stored numbers and also quickly navigate to any other favorite mobile applications.

Application Key Features:

Easy Dial
Favorites for BlackBerry Smartphones let you easily dial the people you call the most. Just label it the way you like such as “Dad’s Cell”, "Work Number" etc. and with one click; dials that number. No more letters to remember!

Store Contacts
Favorites can store any regularly dialed numbers within the application without having to store the same in the BlackBerry contacts list. It also allows you to add a contact from your list to the favorites page.

Quick Navigation
The application also provides quick links to send an email, go to a website, text a friend, use your camera, or any other application you use regularly.

Download OTA

Screenshot below:

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how to change the blue arrows Garmin with cars, planes, and other

1. Download file all vehicleS :

2. copy the contents of files. srf to the folder / Garmin / Vehicle in the mobile phone, pda or laptop

3. to select the desired form of the vehicle, entered the garmin program, select Tools - Settings - Map - Vehicle

4. if you want to remove vehicles that are not needed, simply delete the file. srf on this Vehicle folder

good luck