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Blackberry Z10 Mobile network Invisible? here the solution

Blackberry Z10 Mobile network Invisible img
for those of you who blackberry Z10 no signal or mobile network invisible

This can happen at any time , if according to personal experience , this happens because I do not succeed reload to .1627 ( broken file . Due to my pc). Results. Mobile Network invisible or can not be shifted on or off.

 Read the tutorial below this note:

1. Z10 connect to pc / mac > when it appears at BB Link > open tab Z10 > Back Up First > BB link if requested updates > update your Z10 > waiting finished downloading > that is, it will restart and reboot yourself > do nothing to Z10 is ready to be played > see its existing carrier

Q = no updates to install the OS does not exist?
A = If not, you must download the early version of OS Z10 respectively.

Q = if directly to the leaked os should not?
A = allowed, but I do not know whether the carrier will recover back again or not, because at that time I followed step 1.

Tips for Blackberry Z10 Mobile network Invisible above is a personal experience, so if you follow the steps correctly, then your problem will be resolved. May be useful
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SMS on the blackberry just 70 characters

When going to write and send SMS on the Blackberry, it turns out the number of characters per-SMS Only 70 characters, but generally in every mobile phone even in the Blackberry, the one SMS is composed of 160 characters. Is this Blackberry error or what? Answer is no, then what's the solution? Consider the following steps:

SMS on the Blackberry just 70 characters due to setting in the SMS Data Coding using UCS2 instead of 7-bit. , A simple solution to solve the problem SMS character just 70 not 160 is actually pretty easy and by replacing from UCS2 SMS Data Coding to 7-Bit.

Go to the SMS menu or Text Messages, then press the Blackberry menu and select Option. Scrolling down junk you find Data Coding. Then the fox fromUCS2 to 7-Bit do not forget to save the settings that you created earlier.

Only 70 characters SMS solution was simple right? May be useful
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Blackberry email signature and how to change it

For those of you who are just business as well as knowledge, changing the signature of an option after having a Blackberry. By default, the signature that appears is the default signature of the provider being used.

For the confused, the signature is a series of sentences or a signature that appears at the end of email messages that automatically appear every time send / reply to email. This could serve as a sign of recognition of self (identity) and the promotion of your website.

It's easy: 

1. Go to the Setup folder
2. Select the Email Settings (If a login, then fill your username and password)
3. Select an existing email e.g. yahoo, click the Blackberry menu and select Edit
4. Scroll down, and the Signature column, change as desired
5. Do not forget to click save
6. Will be asked for a confirmation email password, please enter your email password
7. Your signature has changed now

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Blackberry Storm 9550 restart solution

Perhaps you are a user Blackberry storm 9550? Sure is nice not because the performance is very easily with the touch screen, blackberry storm 9550 in my opinion often suffered minor damage when cool to write, or standby time suddenly restart, the users Blackberry storm 9550 of course also often experience this, or even accustomed to experiencing restarts itself,

Actually this is a mild problem but sometimes disrupt our activities, how to cope? Well there are a few tips from me on how to cope with Blackberry Storm 9550 which is often restarted, follow the steps below

1. Check if many applications are running, especially the online application? Do not forget to also use the 2G than 3G
2. Check whether the battery is normally not bloated, make sure the battery is installed with a fitting, if and a bit loose try to tighten the battery to the clip, so it can be installed with a fit and well.
3. Try to format the SD Card. The existence of the corrupted files on the SD Card can affect the performance of the Blackberry, because that's trying to format the SD Card and see if the problem can be solved
4. A last resort, Wipe Handheld and if necessary Reload OS with the latest version
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Tutorial using offline maps on blackberry

Tutorial using offline maps on blackberry (Tested WITH 8800 Huron, try another type of own)

That is using the facility offline use maps provided by MGMAPS. The way it works is essentially a road map to download cache and then store it on the microSD and open it using the application MGMAPS. Here are the steps: (sorry no screenshots)

before you begin, download and install all the necessary tools:

a. MGMaps application for Blackberry OS 4.2 upwards in Install the Blackberry.

b. (OPTIONAL) Application GPSed for Blackberry in Install the Blackberry.

c. Software gMapMaker in Install on your PC.

After all ready to do the following:

1. Make sure the GPS in Huron you can already blazing. For 8820 and 8800 go to Options> Advanced Options> GPS> BB Button Press> Refresh GPS. Take the Blackberry into the open and wait a few minutes to appear coordinates where we are. For those who did not work that way, looking for open engineering tutorial on screen and solve its own problems if the GPS. Another alternative way to install GPSed on your Blackberry, open the application continues to wait for GPS lock.

2. With the browser open PC

3. Here we are asked to enter any area limits the input that we want to make the maps offline. The trick is open the desired area with pan and zoom on maps Google Maps are available (e.g. I'm looking for Bandung area, then zooming in on level 12 so that all incoming Bandung city in the box on that site). After that, click once to input "peg" the first on the lower left corner, then click once again on the bottom right corner, click once again on the top right (you can see the area of red shading indicates the areas that we want to take a map offline), last then click once again on the top left so that we can be the red area surrounding the city we want. In this case I put the entire area of Bandung in the red shading. Would remove the peg just click again on the peg you want to delete, or simply select Reset to remove all the stakes that we entered earlier.

4. Enter the input parameters that we want in the fields below the map.
- Zoom level: from 0 to 15 (or If you want detail select 0 to 19)
- Level of Detail: Fast and Rough (the more detail the greater the file we downloaded later)
- Type of map: (I use Yahoo Roads Road Maps for Google Maps when I downloaded the file on the campus was empty, the Yahoo Maps in the house when I download any file.)

5. Press Generate and we will download the file that we will use as a guide to download cache folder which we have previously entered input. Save the file somewhere easy to remember.

6. Open software gMapMaker and press browse in the upper right to choose our maps offline storage folder later. Let other parameter settings, but on the operating mode at the bottom, select "MGMaps mode, download using a. Map file".

7. Press Go and you will be asked to locate the file. Folder that you downloaded earlier. Enter his file folder and we will begin to download the file offline maps. And make sure the file is not corrupt.

8. When finished downloading then you'll get a folder whose contents MGMapsCache files offline maps tiles which we downloaded earlier. Copy the file to the microSD Blackberry in the Blackberry folder.

9. Open MGMaps on your Blackberry, continue to select: Menu> Settings> Map Browsing> Check Stored Maps and offline mode> Menu> Browse> Browse to SDCARD-Blackberry-MGMapsCache> Select> Menu> Save. Done it again MGMaps lid and open it again.

10. Here you should be able to get a map that you downloaded above. Maximum depth of zoom depending on parameters entered previously downloaded earlier time. If downloading at zoom levels 0-15, then the maximum zoom on just your MGMaps to 15. You want more detail can be improved zoom level with the consequences of his download it for much longer.
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Blackberry secret codes and Keys

You who happen to use the Blackberry as a means of communication, here are some information secret codes that you've probably never know. These codes may work in an emergency or even want to know the content or what was done (log) will be indicated by displaying the log report. While not all types of Blackberry support the code, but most can. But to consider if you're unsure, do not try before there is a backup, because I am not responsible if any damage.

• Function: Indicates the signal strength in dBm (not the 'trunk').

• ALT-V-A-L-D> in address book
• function: Check the data inconsistencies in the address book.

• ALT-R-B-L-D> in address book
• function: Reorder the data structure in the address book.

• Right-ALT-Shift-Del
• Functions: HH soft reset it, similar to 'pull the battery'.

• ALT-Shift-left-H
• Function: Indicates important technical info about the HH.

• ALT-R-B-V-S> in the browser
• Functions: Shows source-code, from a web page

• Function: record / log of the system event2 HH

• *- # -0-6> on the home screen
• Function: Indicates the handset IMEI code.

• ALT + NMLL = know the capacity of the signal bars

• ALT + V A L D = verification Address Book

• ALT + R B L D = remodel Address Book

• ALT + RBV = see source code in a Webpage

• ALT + left Shift + H = press to know the technical info is in the Blackberry

• * # 0 6 # = IMEI know who is on the Blackberry

• ALT + Right Shift + Delete = know the simulation capacity of the battery is full

• ALT + LGLG = find logs that have been done in Blackberry

• ALT + NUM / Aa / Cap + H = knowing the Access to Information PIN - IMEI - Vendor ID - Free Memory - OS Version

• MEPD on Sim Card = check the status of locked or unlocked Blackberry

• ALT + Cap / Aa = Right + DEL to restart the Blackberry being hangs

ALT-SMON WLAN wizard screen Enable simulated Wizard mode

ALT-SMOF simulated WLAN wizard screen Disable mode Wizard

MEPD Options> Advanced options> SIM card Display MEP info

MEP1 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable SIM personalization

MEP2 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable Network personalization

MEP3 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable Network subset personalization

MEP4 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable Service provider personalization

MEP5 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable Corporate personalization

Hopefully helpful,
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Install APP Playbook BlackBerry using a MAC

Install APP Blackberry Playbook using a MAC, I aimed for those of you who currently use Mac. os may be slightly different from the other, all right straight to the problem

Turn on the Playbook, enable development mode in the Settings> Security

1. Make sure the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) already installed on the Mac. Check in Applications / Utilities
2. Download Playbook Tools from Hatax

3. Extract the downloaded file, put in place / folder that are easy to remember

4. Move all the contents in folder 'lib' folder 'Playbook_Tools'

5. For convenience, taro all files '*. Bar' in 'Playbook_Tools'
6. Run a terminal

7. Use the command "cd" and navigate to the folder 'Playbook_Tools'
cd desktop cd

8. Run command
java -Xmx512M -jar "BarDeploy.jar" -installApp -device THEDEVICEIPHERE -password THEDEVICEPASSWORDHERE

Terminal will initialize the installation, and run through the progress Donezo

Need to remember I am not responsible for damage caused in this way, but I'm sure it does not matter if the appropriate procedures

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Blackberry error 523 solutions

for those of you Blackberry users are upset because error523, caused by alt + THMN and there were crashes of a particular application.
This problem is often found in some people using blackberries Jave.

The solution is quite complicated, because backup data is difficult, even I could not.
Because hangs directly connect with DM.

The solution is the wrong one: Blackberry reinstall the firmware. but data can not be backup. (Wipe then reinstall)
-. Disconnect the battery Blackberry
-. Plug into your PC / laptop to writing device connected to Unknown
-. Next and run the next step.

hopefully help
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Blackberry Apps Error Code 400 to 499

today I will continue concerning the apps error that you often find on your blackberry, many people who already know about this, but more people who do not know.

I will not let a lot of pushes, just go to the point that is about the "blackberry apps  error code" between 400 to 499

to erorr code rate is not much just some code only, not as in the previous code error 

-400-564 Breaking lines, sistem data link lost, possibility of bad sector in hard drive
-410 Radio Failure
-411 Battery Error, Replace Internal or External Battery module
- 499 Software problems, continue to handheld device OS installation or application updates via Apploader


tomorrow I will continue to find other errors., may be useful for you
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blackberry:inject procedures 8310 blackberries

good morning all, how the life of your blackberry now? really interesting? this morning I wanted to share inject procedures 8310 blackberries

On your Blackberry 8130 ...
Press ##000000, Dial ..
Screen will appear .. CDMA Service Edit Screen
Then the screen contents:
Mobile Directory Number: 21xxxxxxx (your number)
IMSI_S: 21xxxxxxx (your number)
At the bottom
A-Key: (usually depending on the provider of each)
SIP User ID: depending on the service provider you use (you can ask your service provider)
SIP Password: same as above
When finished press the Menu (BB logo)
Select the save and the handset will restart ..

hopefully useful
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empty your BlackBerry's phone call log

To empty your BlackBerry's phone call log, first make sure that Call Logging is set to "All Calls" from Phone Options --> Call Logging.

Now go to the Message List Application, and view the folder "Phone Call Logs". You can now select the top most log, and then select "Delete Prior" from the menu. This will empty your phone call log.

These tips may be stale but there is still a question at me, hopefully useful
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Restart the BlackBerry without disconnecting battery connection

2. BB connection restart without the battery detached

do you think, if often off batteries battery lid makes BB disheveled? nah just following tips for network operators resstart on your blackberry without first restarting

 Go to Options> Mobile Network>> Network Selection Mode>> select Manual, and under it select the Prompt option. If you feel the BB connection is slow, stop completely, or even a BB signal so "gprs / edge", the switch only (Scan For Available Network) to another operator (SOS signal will from some Appear) for 2-3 seconds and return back to your operator initially, everything going wrong without removing the battery more!

Restart the BlackBerry without disconnecting battery connection
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how to make animated themes for blackberry

maybe you got bored with the look of your Blackberry, to slightly reduce boredom with blackberry, one of which is to replace the theme, with animated themes might make your Blackberry more fun, here are a good way to make animated theme for your blackberry:Steps:

1. Prepare the animated image who we have made, can also result donlot (myself making use GIF Animator).

2. Then open the Composer (I use a Blackberry Theme Studio 5.0) and who enter the animated images we have made .

3. Setting sections as shown in pic below, replace the number 100 with a total number of frames (A) us and set the animation speed (B) that we want. In this section (C) we check the Real Time aja box and do not forget to click on the Loop (D).

 4. Now we try to press play to see results, if thats satisfy us in the form of export SVG files.

5. Open the SVG file was using notepad. Find the writings keyTimes = on notepad, type: repeatCount = "indefinite" in the previous line in the pic looks like (E) and then in the save.

6. Last residence enter the SVG file into Theme Builder (f).
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How to Change the Screensaver on the BlackBerry Storm

especially if your users blackberry blackberry storm, there were times when we are saturated with a display screen saver, so you're not saturated with the screensaver display on the blackberry storm, follow the instructions below:

The following tips are how to change the screensaver on the BlackBerry Storm.
Step 1: press the "MENU" on the homescreen you BlackBerry Storm
Step 2: skroll and select Media
Step 3: skroll down Option and click on "Pictures"
Step 4: skroll and click the "All Pictures"
Step 5: skroll and then select the image you want to be a screensaver
Step 6: press the "Menu"
Step 7: then select the option "Set As"
Step 8: click the trackball on the "Screensaver"
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Troubleshooting Error in Application on Blackberry WordToGo

When you will open a Word document using WordToGo in Blackberry Applications, suddenly appear "Error Starting WordToGo: Module" DocsToGoCommon "Not Found", To solve this error can be tried with a simple step to remove the battery blackberry a few moments. If this still did not work, you can try to re-install (reinstall) WordToGo applications on your Blackberry.
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Raises another operator in the BlackBerry Themes

Each handset the Blackberry in general 'designed' for a particular operator
eg 8700c mine ... it is for the operator Cingular or AT & T

This is the cause, when we do upgrade the OS on the Blackberry, it appears Themes owned special operators, in my case is emerging Themes AT & T, who rada weight ...;)) While there are several Themes another operator that was funny and light ... like O2 en Vodafone

I've just get a new science to come up themes2 other operators in order to appear on my 8700c this .

1. Blackberry OS installer should have, for example: 8700 version
Should automatically via Windows en Desktop Manager 5.4
2. This process can be done before upgrading blackberry or before upgrade
3. Open the folder C: \ Program Files \ common Files \ Research In Motion \ the Shared \ Loader Files \ 8700 ... ...
(In accordance with her last OS installer)
4. Open the file BlackBerry.alx, WordPad / out it ...
5. Then search by keywords _theme_
Notice the part: _vendorID = '220'
6. Well now, check our Blackberry vendorID of key ways: Alt + Cap + H
My example is 102 8700
7. Now we edit the _vendorID = "220" becomes _vendorID = "102 | 220"
8. Then plug the Blackberry into the PC, run Desktop Manager, and click AppLoader
9. Please do the process like to upgrade ...
* If you already upgraded, the process just adds Themes only, so only briefly *
10. Wait until the handset is restarting ... en please check on the Options - Theme ... Theme2 going out all the other operators, like Verizon, Vodafone, O2, Orange etc.
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How to Backup Data and Application Blackberry Almost 100%

Backing up your data from blackberry to date has not been found who could do the same up to 100%
Emang why with the way Backup "normal" from the Desktop Manager?
* Data are terbackup but not 100% ...
* Data terbackup who are: Address Book, SMS, Emails, Settings, and Bookmarks
* YG-not to backup? Applications, Themes ... In fact it is quite important as well ... at least save time ...

Then let the solution come terbackup Applications and Themes?

1. Enable Desktop Manager
2. Plug BB into your PC
3. Select Menu Backup & Restore
4. Select Menu Transfer Device
5. Select PIN BB backed up ... and who would run the process until she was asked who would be moved BB
6. Up to this point ... stop the process ... and please close the Desktop Manager

7. Open Windows Explorer ... and get into the folder C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ Local Settings \ Temp
8. Notice the folder named in accordance with BB PIN you ... then copy it to My Documents folder
9. Now open the My Documents ... and notice there is also a file whose name:
LoaderBackup-(date). IPD
Rename this file with a memorable name, example: Backup_8820_20090411.ipd

Applications Restore first ...
1. To restore the data ... Open the Desktop Manager
2. Plug BB into your PC
3. Select App Loader
4. Select Add New
5. Click Browser
6. Open the My Documents folder ... folder ... and select the file PIN [pin]. ALX
7. Later will come the list of results Applications and Themes Backup

Restore Data ..
1. From the Desktop Manager
2. Select the Backup & Restore
3. Select Advanced
4. Click File ... Then select Backup_8820_20090411.ipd ...
5. Then select all your data backed up who want ... then click the Alert ">>"

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How to Beat net_rim_bb_phone_app Application Error (468) is Not responding: Process Terminated

When you going to do Speed Dial on your Blackberry, you suddenly you just remove blackberry 468 error like this exception: Application net_rim_bb_phone_app (468) is not responding, process terminated. 468 error like this could arise because there are applications in the BB you are corrupt. Simple way to overcome the error 468 is by trying to do the Hard Reset your BlackBerry, how to loose weight battery for 30 seconds. If this still does not solve the problem the second way is to check the number-number in Speed Dial maybe there is something wrong there
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blackberry charge problem solutions

I am back with a trick to repair damage to the yan blackberry can not be in charge, there are several factors why the blackberry that you have now is especially blackberry 83xx conduct disorder at the time of charge, you must know that a handset can work with very small voltages, unlike the voltage in your house, this small current is often hampered when dust, or rust, so the condition of your blackberry should really clean, well for sure whether your blackberry really clean on the charger connector, please open your own and you look at the charge and the pin connector located on the PCB charge your blackberry, if the conditions were clean but still could not make a charge, please check at the point, if you do not know the track, try to see the picture below, if the damage turns out on the path, then the next step is to make jumpers to connect the broken lines
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How to Move to New Blackberry phonebook from the old Blackberry

You have just bought a new Blackberry 9650, the problem is the whole phonebook or contact you at your old Blackberry 8310. Then how to transfer contacts from blackberry phonebook or new to the old blackberry or other mobile phone? The easiest way is to copy the phonebook to the SIM card, but of course very limited way to remember the ability to store phonebook sim only a few hundred only, not got a thousand other than that if you have email at contact, sometimes can not tercopy to the simcard.

The second alternative, is to use online services on the internet (eg Gmail) for synchronizing contacts. Online synchronization process is quite worth a try because of convenience and of course you can synchronize kapannya anywhere and most importantly affordable Internet access.

Another alternative is to use Outlook in sync with the laptop, use the Device Swith on the Blackberry Desktop Manager Wizard.
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