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Shortage And Excess Blackberry Playbook

The following are the advantages and disadvantages playbook, as well as answers to small questions about playbook, in my opinion

1. Battery strength Playbook how?
Depending on usage. But with moderate usage. Can overalls all day, charger at night before bed.

2. Microsoft Office application viewer / editor and a PDF reader / editor smoothly or not in the Playbook?
I think smooth

3. Wifi create what its main function if it's at the bridge all the way to the Blackberry ... what's just for browsing only?
Bridge function for PIM apps just like the bridge browsing, push email, calendar, memo, task. However, to access the app world (only Wifi), or any application that needs the internet (games etc.) must Wifi or tethering.

4. Applications can be downloaded at the Blackberry is not compatible together in Playbook, if iPad iPhone apps can be installed into the iPad, although the small screen and must maximize 2x.
Now 'not' can, but the future of this PB QNX os promised by RIM will be compatible to run android apps (with android player) and have a mobile java app like Blackberry.

5. bridging the now steady?
Latest Update Bridge has been pretty stable and faster.
But sometimes there are minor issues. Such crashes.

6. Should the bridge use 9105 to 9670 what? Because I wear two types of the Blackberry ...
Whatever, the critical minimum for running OS5 bridge. But keep in mind that the current bridge, memory drain and drain battery must be a bit depleted; it is very wise if the bridge to the Blackberry that had a great memory, as well as strong battery. (Egg onyx2, torch).

7. The main drawback Playbook what?
• Its application in appworld, still need time to wait for other apps-apps popping up.
• son the truth is its excess, is also considered to be shortcomings because it has not stabilized, sometimes the browser may crash, or Playbook so slow so it must be restarted, etc, but only a minor issue that will be fixed with updates of his fore os.
• (only the first IOS release too many bugs, and fixed by the next os updates)

8. IPad what Playbook?
What needs to think first? If for multimedia, iPad its champion. Completeness of application, IPAD also champion.
For business, I tend to select Playbook.

• Bridge was able to browse his heart's Playbook at no additional cost. With features that are almost like browsing on a PC.
• Quality of its layer when playing HD movies -> astonishing.
• Gesture control -> Feeling rich in the future.
• QNX OS it ... Great potential.
• True multitasking.... need not be described.
• Its size, the mobile.
• The size is more portable with 7 "display Playbook very easy to carry anywhere, can enter the bag and not so strange when carried or worn in public places.
• Using the QNX OS Blackberry tablet-based, unlike the Blackberry OS which has been there at the Blackberry Smart phone. Playbook OS is also designed to support the Android applications.
• Sound stereo music's pretty good, balance
• User interface is quite nice and smooth, easy and quick navigation. It also has support multitasking.
• Support flash.
• Word processing application from DataViz Documents to go is included in the package.

• Apps her in the app world
• it would add little short..... Besides. The apps are minimal (the same as its excess): OS QNX.
• Due to the current OS is not yet stable, aka That is to say there are still many issues "that must be addressed and developed it ... For example: there is a report on his or her browser crashes sometimes, suddenly slow so it needs to restart once to refresh the memory (blackberry disease), the bridge is also sometimes crashes (but new versions of existing bridge progress), etc. as well as some other minor issues .. IMHO it’s fair for the first QNX OS on a tablet. It used to IOS first appeared also with a variety of issues which in the end the fix with os upgrades next.
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How To Buy used Blackberry Playbook

You want to buy secondhand blackberryplaybook? but do not know his condition is still good or not, what should you do?The following are several ways before you make a purchase Blackberry Playbook used
Blackberry Playbook

This in my opinion:
1. Asked warranty Quote:
Black Market-if asked for receipts show purchases (who knows there is still a store warranty)
in case an official guarantee, ask for warranty card show.
Check serial number: is the box same playbook that in accordance
way of checking in the NT: press the tip of the gear icon top right -> click on about -> serial number

2. Completeness check:
manual book complete, charger, original sleeve (outer item color, blue color inside), data cable, cleaning cloth (the color of the item).
Completeness confused if anything, search it on you tube with the keyword: unboxing playbook

Physical check: (check the smoothness playbook)
3. Check the screen, ask the seller for the same app installed that could have injured or clay screen was normal. (Free in the app world playbook)

4. Body check playbook still smooth or not, the edges are also checked if it still offered very smooth
check the volume button (+) and (-) and the power button On-off (pressed just make the check function is normal or not).
Try to use the hands free for functional checks, playbook is still normal or not

check the hardware:
5. try play video in the playbook. If normal goods, it should be smooth-smooth.
6. Try to play music; check out the speaker quality is still good or not.

(Note: after trying to point 5 and 6, note the battery icon. Whether the battery drop / no.)

7. Try to connect Wifi on the playbook. Try browsing Wifi briefly to check the connection.

8. Bluetooth connects on your Blackberry with the playbook, if normal should be easily connected without any problems.

9. Trying to do bridge playbook with your Blackberry (do not forget to install the Blackberry bridge on your BB first), and try one by one bridgen menu.

Last, try to ask for personal guarantees by the seller.
With a condition: if there is a problem Playbook: often hangs, battery hubcaps, or even death asking for money back 100%. (If the normal stuff, usually given a personal guarantee 1bulan)

10. Battery while trying to do the charging, charging battery in the playbook is normal or not.
11. Try running one of the existing apps.
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Install APP Playbook BlackBerry using a MAC

Install APP Blackberry Playbook using a MAC, I aimed for those of you who currently use Mac. os may be slightly different from the other, all right straight to the problem

Turn on the Playbook, enable development mode in the Settings> Security

1. Make sure the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) already installed on the Mac. Check in Applications / Utilities
2. Download Playbook Tools from Hatax

3. Extract the downloaded file, put in place / folder that are easy to remember

4. Move all the contents in folder 'lib' folder 'Playbook_Tools'

5. For convenience, taro all files '*. Bar' in 'Playbook_Tools'
6. Run a terminal

7. Use the command "cd" and navigate to the folder 'Playbook_Tools'
cd desktop cd

8. Run command
java -Xmx512M -jar "BarDeploy.jar" -installApp -device THEDEVICEIPHERE -password THEDEVICEPASSWORDHERE

Terminal will initialize the installation, and run through the progress Donezo

Need to remember I am not responsible for damage caused in this way, but I'm sure it does not matter if the appropriate procedures

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Some Tips Connecting Blackberry Playbook

Some Tips Connecting Blackberry Playbook

1. Make sure your OS Blackberry Playbook is the latest OS, how to check into the options (picture top right gear) and then to software updates, click the "Check for Updates".

Playbook OS
Blackberry OS -> Find in existing thread
Official fuel, to version Betazone

2.  Make sure your OS Blackberry Playbook is the latest official OS (it is advisable not hybrids).
3.  In relation connecting this requires a fairly large memory suggested some such as the Blackberry 9700, 8520, 9300 OS5 who default to using OS 5 only.

4.  Make sure the Bridge software is installed on your Blackberry is the latest, current version Check in appworld from your Blackberry (free).

5.  Make sure your fuel most recent version.
6.  Make sure the fuel you do not have much huruf2/gambar2 fancy, this will prolong your connectivity to Blackberry Playbook.

7.  Had the first time need for connecting first delete an existing chat and email on your Blackberry in order to speed up connecting. For extreme there is a delete all contacts on the fuel for the first time connecting with the Playbook. It can restore it to restore or add one by one

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