Which is the best for you? BlackBerry,iPhone,other phone

The rise of sales of blackberries make a lot of people crazy, it might happen in your country?, A majority of the population to buy goods on the basis of desire, trend and prestige.

This lucrative market gives the wind a new heaven to the market is already saturated with cell phones that feature is not much developed.

Blackberry service re-emerged with a price that is much cheaper than in 2004 and the price of services to other countries in the world challenge of new gadgets.

Understanding THAT YOU MUST Understand

Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, et al
is aimed HANDHELD TELEPHONE and SMS, wrapped with music features, office, and email. Its main features are TELEPHONE AND SMS

is aimed HANDHELD MULTIMEDIA (VIDEO, MUSIC, INTERNET) with visually stunning graphics and touch experience
Its main features are MULTIMEDIA

is aimed HANDHELD EMAIL, wrapped with phone features, text, and multimedia standards.
Because EMAIL based, the BlackBerry has a network-based That Can Be Easily Used to work with YM!, Msgr MSN, Google Talk et al.


Of its kind, We Can know what We need.

If you compare the knife, They were the resource persons equally quick knife but the knife was there any kind of-kind, there are types of meat cutters, fruit and war Paring

If you compare the knife the which is more severe Among the three blades, the which you Should ask is, to what purpose?

So if you compare mobile phones, Blackberry and iPhone
and arguing over WHO was more powerful, I would ask,
"Do you need?"
Because it's useless arguing with the handyman fruit That Rambo knife you are more powerful than a Paring Knife papaya. Different objectives, ga would be endless.

So if you are arguing first identify the needs of your debate opponent.

If your need is a super-fast email and real-time, no one Could match his toughness gadgetpun BlackBerry

Hopefully this cans be understood before you buy a BlackBerry.

How to buy a BlackBerry is Actually very easy, and RIM has been set for you to buy securely BB is through partner operators Easily monitored by RIM as after-sales That cans serve customers with the maximum.
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