Hide and Protect Important Data and Images at Blackberry with iLock

A BlackBerry application that will provide maximum protection for important files on your Blackberry iLock ie. If you feel uncomfortable and afraid of data, photos or important files on your BB accessed by others who are not interested then iLock could be an alternative to protect these critical files. iLock have the ability to hide and lock files and folders that can not be accessed by just anyone. You could try and download via the Blackberry App World iLock directly from your Blackberry.

 Hide and Protect Important Data and Images at Blackberry with iLock
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Download Game Street Fighter Alpha for Blackberry

If you're a fan of fighting games like Street Fighter Alpha, a good news for Street Fighter Alpha now available for your Blackberry. Is a series that presents Interactive.inc Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha and Final Fight for your BB. This game can be played on your Blackberry Bold and Blackberry 9700 Curve you. You can Download Games for Blackberry directly via Blackberry App World on your BB
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Wifi on the Blackberry Setting

The following simple tips are an easy way to set the Wifi on the Blackberry, so when you are in hotspot areas such as in the Cafe, Mall or campus fun you can surf via Wifi connection. To begin the Wifi settings on BB you can click the icon on Home Screen Wireless Router Blackberry to run step "Setting Up Wifi" or you can also pass the Home Screen> Manage Connnection> Set Up Wifi Network. Once in the Wizard (the steps) Wifi settings there are three steps to help you select the Scan for Network, Network or manually add Get Security Code.

If you have been in the hotspot, you should select the Scan for Network to further simplify the process of connection, after the scanning process, the network that are available will appear on your BB and you can directly connect to the internet.
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Block Private Number inBlackberry with SmrtGuard

A time may you ever felt annoyed by the number of calls from people you do not know, worse if they had used Private Number so that you can only guess who's calling. Now, with an application named SmrtGuard Blackberry, you can block these calls are not important even though a private number, so you will not be disturbed again by telephone that are not important. SmrtGuard application for Blackberry phones in addition to blocking also able to block emails, as well as Anti-Spam/Spyware Blackberry, and even with BB mentracking SmrtGuard you can you if one day disappear, and delete data remotely your BB. You can download directly via the Blackberry App SmrtGuard World on your BB.
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How to Change the Screensaver on the BlackBerry Storm

especially if your users blackberry blackberry storm, there were times when we are saturated with a display screen saver, so you're not saturated with the screensaver display on the blackberry storm, follow the instructions below:

The following tips are how to change the screensaver on the BlackBerry Storm.
Step 1: press the "MENU" on the homescreen you BlackBerry Storm
Step 2: skroll and select Media
Step 3: skroll down Option and click on "Pictures"
Step 4: skroll and click the "All Pictures"
Step 5: skroll and then select the image you want to be a screensaver
Step 6: press the "Menu"
Step 7: then select the option "Set As"
Step 8: click the trackball on the "Screensaver"
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Troubleshooting Error in Application on Blackberry WordToGo

When you will open a Word document using WordToGo in Blackberry Applications, suddenly appear "Error Starting WordToGo: Module" DocsToGoCommon "Not Found", To solve this error can be tried with a simple step to remove the battery blackberry a few moments. If this still did not work, you can try to re-install (reinstall) WordToGo applications on your Blackberry.
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Movistar Twitter for BlackBerry phones

The operator added an application to its mobile communications network so that users can access network devices microblogging from RIM.
Twitter Movistar included in its list of applications available for BlackBerry phones in Argentina. In this way, customers can stay current and connected with their contacts, and also get the latest news anytime, anywhere.

Through the interface, users will receive on their computers, Research In Motion (RIM) direct messages, notifications of new messages, answers and references on your screen. They may post links, take pictures and upload from the camera from the smartphone.

People who have a BlackBerry will be able to share their tweets, ideas and comments, keep contacts and search for topics by name, date or place, using all the features it offers microblogging network.

The application is free and can be downloaded from the BlackBerry App World site, which also include other platforms such as Facebook, Windows Mobile Messenger, Fotolog.com, Videolog, Blogs, Terra Fotolog Chat and other offerings.
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Watch Youtube Video Player for the Blackberry with Youtube

If you like watching Youtube videos on the Blackberry, this application is named Player for Youtube is very feasible for you to try. By Player for Youtube we can easily see the Youtube video from the video that was popular, latest, top rates to the featured video. Not only was the Player for Youtube we can play the video via RTSP streaming and WAP or Wifi connection. Another feature of the Player application is for Youtube to Blackberry

    * Share videos via email links with your friends
    * Bookmark / save the links from your favorite youtube videos.
    * Process video with easier search
    * Access to videos on youtube by category and Tags
    * Until the click of youtube video links from other applications
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Download BerryBlab for the Blackberry

If you often sharing opinions on the forums in cyberspace, then BerryBlab is a Blackberry application that should you have on your BB. Why? Because the BerryBlab you can more easily access the board using vBullettin, so the event will be added diskusipun smoothly. So, if you forum mania, it must Download BerryBlab for the Blackberry, the more fun you'll activities.

Download BerryBlab v1 for Blackberry
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BlackBerry users should be eased by Hewlett-Packard in the business affairs office

BlackBerry users are increasingly mobile often facilitated by Hewlett-Packard (HP) in the business affairs office. For example, when you are not in the office but still be able to print important documents no matter where it is located.

American manufacturers are increasingly established itself as a manufacturer of printers by providing innovative features that can be used by BlackBerry users to print documents from a remote file.

"Now HP printer users can print documents via BlackBerry. We have been working with the RIM (Research in Motion, the BlackBerry manufacturer) to realize these services," said John Solomon, senior vice president, HP Imaging &; Printing Group, at the JW Marriot, Beijing, China, Tuesday (04/20/2010).

This service can be realized thanks to the cooperation of both parties established in application development, named CouldPrint. With features such web-based services, HP hopes to satisfy the needs of its customers. Especially for those who are mobile and a lot of activity outside the office.

However, for security reasons, print documents via BlackBerry can only be done on one network only. This means users must be connected through a network of virtual private network (VPN) owned company, when it was in a public place.

"For now the service can only be done on a same network only. Going forward, we will continue expanding," concluded the Solomon on a number of journalists who attended mememuhi HP invitation to Beijing.

In addition to HP's introduced on the sidelines of this event, the application of this collaboration the plan also will be introduced by the RIM Wireless Enterprise Symposium in the arena (WES) 2010 in Orlando, Florida, United States
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Raises another operator in the BlackBerry Themes

Each handset the Blackberry in general 'designed' for a particular operator
eg 8700c mine ... it is for the operator Cingular or AT & T

This is the cause, when we do upgrade the OS on the Blackberry, it appears Themes owned special operators, in my case is emerging Themes AT & T, who rada weight ...;)) While there are several Themes another operator that was funny and light ... like O2 en Vodafone

I've just get a new science to come up themes2 other operators in order to appear on my 8700c this .

1. Blackberry OS installer should have, for example: 8700 version
Should automatically via Windows en Desktop Manager 5.4
2. This process can be done before upgrading blackberry or before upgrade
3. Open the folder C: \ Program Files \ common Files \ Research In Motion \ the Shared \ Loader Files \ 8700 ... ...
(In accordance with her last OS installer)
4. Open the file BlackBerry.alx, WordPad / out it ...
5. Then search by keywords _theme_
Notice the part: _vendorID = '220'
6. Well now, check our Blackberry vendorID of key ways: Alt + Cap + H
My example is 102 8700
7. Now we edit the _vendorID = "220" becomes _vendorID = "102 | 220"
8. Then plug the Blackberry into the PC, run Desktop Manager, and click AppLoader
9. Please do the process like to upgrade ...
* If you already upgraded, the process just adds Themes only, so only briefly *
10. Wait until the handset is restarting ... en please check on the Options - Theme ... Theme2 going out all the other operators, like Verizon, Vodafone, O2, Orange etc.
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How to Backup Data and Application Blackberry Almost 100%

Backing up your data from blackberry to date has not been found who could do the same up to 100%
Emang why with the way Backup "normal" from the Desktop Manager?
* Data are terbackup but not 100% ...
* Data terbackup who are: Address Book, SMS, Emails, Settings, and Bookmarks
* YG-not to backup? Applications, Themes ... In fact it is quite important as well ... at least save time ...

Then let the solution come terbackup Applications and Themes?

1. Enable Desktop Manager
2. Plug BB into your PC
3. Select Menu Backup & Restore
4. Select Menu Transfer Device
5. Select PIN BB backed up ... and who would run the process until she was asked who would be moved BB
6. Up to this point ... stop the process ... and please close the Desktop Manager

7. Open Windows Explorer ... and get into the folder C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ Local Settings \ Temp
8. Notice the folder named in accordance with BB PIN you ... then copy it to My Documents folder
9. Now open the My Documents ... and notice there is also a file whose name:
LoaderBackup-(date). IPD
Rename this file with a memorable name, example: Backup_8820_20090411.ipd

Applications Restore first ...
1. To restore the data ... Open the Desktop Manager
2. Plug BB into your PC
3. Select App Loader
4. Select Add New
5. Click Browser
6. Open the My Documents folder ... folder ... and select the file PIN [pin]. ALX
7. Later will come the list of results Applications and Themes Backup

Restore Data ..
1. From the Desktop Manager
2. Select the Backup & Restore
3. Select Advanced
4. Click File ... Then select Backup_8820_20090411.ipd ...
5. Then select all your data backed up who want ... then click the Alert ">>"

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Send SMS Free in Blackberry by KIK

KIK is an instant messaging application for Blackberry, as fuel or BlackBerry Messenger. But the difference has integrated KIK with SMS. With the KIK application on the Blackberry, you can send a good message to fellow users KIK, or to another user who does not use the KIK, where the message will be received in the form of SMS. KIK provide 50 sms a month, if that were not enough, then you can purchase credits to increase the ration of sms you. If you want to send messages to each other for free so invite your friends to both use KIK, then you can freely exchanging messages, like through fuel. Want to try KIK, visit the Blackberry App World directly from your BB.
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How to Beat net_rim_bb_phone_app Application Error (468) is Not responding: Process Terminated

When you going to do Speed Dial on your Blackberry, you suddenly you just remove blackberry 468 error like this exception: Application net_rim_bb_phone_app (468) is not responding, process terminated. 468 error like this could arise because there are applications in the BB you are corrupt. Simple way to overcome the error 468 is by trying to do the Hard Reset your BlackBerry, how to loose weight battery for 30 seconds. If this still does not solve the problem the second way is to check the number-number in Speed Dial maybe there is something wrong there
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