SIM Card Error on your Blackberry? how to overcome them

SIM Card Error on Blackberry
How long have you use a blackberry? And if you ever have SIM Card Error on your Blackberry? When you get off the phone or perhaps at the Blackberry is cool to be used meets these demands, but suddenly appears SIM Card Error. Such problems can arise because the SIM Card is installed correctly (so connection between sim card and sim card connector on your bb not run well). What's the solution? Quite simply, Remove the SIM Card from Blackberry and then plug it again, and do not forget SIM Card must be completely installed properly.

Also, make sure that the chips are golden in SIM Card not dirty, 'no matter how small dirt' on the chip will interfere with the performance of SIM Card and cause SIM Card Error'. Clean the gold-colored chip by using an eraser is careful not to scratch and cause scratches on the chip.

Problem SIM Card Error can also be caused by network problems, the network is not stable. Try to restart the Blackberry to solve this network problem, continue to try also to the 'Network Selection Mode' change from 'Automatic to Manual', then search operator in accordance with the 'SIM Card' which you are currently using.

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Blackberry Pearl 9105 ALT Key

Blackberry Pearl 9105
Do your users' Blackberry Pearl 9105? there is little difference between the pearl 9105 with the others, in terms of shape, and the keypad, let me explain a little about access to the ALT key on pearl 9105

Blackberry Pearl 9105 candy bar shape and not equipped with qwerty keyboard, that's why the Blackberry Pearl no key ALT. So how if we want to access the hidden menu is available on Blackberry pearl is?, S as we know most of the hidden menu in BB should be accessible by pressing the ALT key, for example menu to display the Event Log by pressing the ALT + LGLG.

To access the menu ALT + LGLG on Blackberry Pearl is easy enough, the first course in ALT mode ie, press the right volume: Up down up down Up, so that will appear ALT icon in the corner of the screen Blackberry. After the press LGLG or if the Blackberry Pearl press 55545554, will appear on the screen Blackberry Event Log.
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