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Best Photo Editor apps for blackberry 2013

Best Photo Editor apps for blackberry 2013
Best Photo Editor apps for blackberry

Best Photo Editor apps for blackberry 2013. In this article I will present 6 favorite photo editing application for your blackberry smartphone.

This photo editing application is an application that is very popular and most widely used by the blackberry smartphone users recently. This is because due to the large blackberry smartphone users who use their cell phones for photo editing camera shots bb them.

In addition, users are also very excited about the blackberry photo editing application for a very useful function in addition also a huge benefit for them. Therefore for those of you who have never tried photo editing application for blackberry you can try it by downloading one of the best photo editing apps that I present below.

Here is a list of Best Photo Editor apps for blackberry 2013 that I summarized from various sources of electronic media and newspaper media. Check out Best Photo Edit Application for Blackberry 2013 below:

Best Photo Editor apps for blackberry 2013

Application PicMix
This application photo editing application that is widely used by Blackberry smartphone users at home and abroad. Flagship feature is that it can combine multiple pictures into a beautiful photo and amazing.

Photo Editor Ultimate app photo editing application for bb this one very indulgent user because the application Photo Editor Ultimate, there are a variety of interesting features that you can try.

APIC app Free Photo Editor
For this application also has an interesting advantage. In addition to adding color effects to project the edited photo, the app also has a feature that can add text on blackberry.

Application A + Photo Effects
this app has some cool effects to your add in your photos. In addition, this application also has file size is light so it is perfect for you to test.

Fast Photo Editor Application
Blackberry photo editing application is also not less interesting than the four above photo editing application. However, these applications tend to be used to add some effect and also coloring.

That's some of the best photo editing application and selling it in 2013. To be able to enjoy the features above photo editing application, you can download it on blackberry app world with the appropriate keyword photo editing application name above. A few of my articles titled Best Photo Editor apps for blackberry 2013. May be useful.

Maybe it's just a first review the info blackberry that contains a collection of photo editing application for latest blackberry 2013, should there be difficulties, criticisms, or suggestions from friends blackberry users who happen to read this article, do not hesitate to send the criticisms and suggestions in the comment column we provide under article download photo editing application for the blackberry.

Suggestions and criticisms of you is an important foundation for us to continue to develop this simple blog to be a container that can always provide benefits to the user’s blackberry.

But before you switch from the article Best Photo Editor apps for blackberry 2013 was, try to listen to other blackberry news presentation
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Gestures on blackberry z10

Bezel Gestures Blackberry z10
Bezel Gestures Blackberry z10
Bezel gestures BB z10 detail:
1. Wake Up the device
2. Display Notifications
3. Display the Blackberry HUB
4. Display a virtual keyboard
5. Display an application menu
6. Minimize applications

content gestures
content gestures bbz10
if they apply to your app, you can use the following gestures to let users dirctly manipulate content see picture above, an content gestures blackberry z10 detail below:
1. scroll
2. scroll between two item
3. select one items
4. select multiple item
5. peek
6. open an actions menu
7.zoom in
8.zoom out
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SIM Card Error on your Blackberry? how to overcome them

SIM Card Error on Blackberry
How long have you use a blackberry? And if you ever have SIM Card Error on your Blackberry? When you get off the phone or perhaps at the Blackberry is cool to be used meets these demands, but suddenly appears SIM Card Error. Such problems can arise because the SIM Card is installed correctly (so connection between sim card and sim card connector on your bb not run well). What's the solution? Quite simply, Remove the SIM Card from Blackberry and then plug it again, and do not forget SIM Card must be completely installed properly.

Also, make sure that the chips are golden in SIM Card not dirty, 'no matter how small dirt' on the chip will interfere with the performance of SIM Card and cause SIM Card Error'. Clean the gold-colored chip by using an eraser is careful not to scratch and cause scratches on the chip.

Problem SIM Card Error can also be caused by network problems, the network is not stable. Try to restart the Blackberry to solve this network problem, continue to try also to the 'Network Selection Mode' change from 'Automatic to Manual', then search operator in accordance with the 'SIM Card' which you are currently using.

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Blackberry Pearl 9105 ALT Key

Blackberry Pearl 9105
Do your users' Blackberry Pearl 9105? there is little difference between the pearl 9105 with the others, in terms of shape, and the keypad, let me explain a little about access to the ALT key on pearl 9105

Blackberry Pearl 9105 candy bar shape and not equipped with qwerty keyboard, that's why the Blackberry Pearl no key ALT. So how if we want to access the hidden menu is available on Blackberry pearl is?, S as we know most of the hidden menu in BB should be accessible by pressing the ALT key, for example menu to display the Event Log by pressing the ALT + LGLG.

To access the menu ALT + LGLG on Blackberry Pearl is easy enough, the first course in ALT mode ie, press the right volume: Up down up down Up, so that will appear ALT icon in the corner of the screen Blackberry. After the press LGLG or if the Blackberry Pearl press 55545554, will appear on the screen Blackberry Event Log.
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SMS on the blackberry just 70 characters

When going to write and send SMS on the Blackberry, it turns out the number of characters per-SMS Only 70 characters, but generally in every mobile phone even in the Blackberry, the one SMS is composed of 160 characters. Is this Blackberry error or what? Answer is no, then what's the solution? Consider the following steps:

SMS on the Blackberry just 70 characters due to setting in the SMS Data Coding using UCS2 instead of 7-bit. , A simple solution to solve the problem SMS character just 70 not 160 is actually pretty easy and by replacing from UCS2 SMS Data Coding to 7-Bit.

Go to the SMS menu or Text Messages, then press the Blackberry menu and select Option. Scrolling down junk you find Data Coding. Then the fox fromUCS2 to 7-Bit do not forget to save the settings that you created earlier.

Only 70 characters SMS solution was simple right? May be useful
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Overcoming Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Pending

Overcoming BBM Pending
Who does not resentful at being cool BBM, suddenly sent a message pending? You may be upset, and the edges must blame the operator. before blaming the operator, first check your Blackberry, because fuel is not only due to Pending operator, but it could be because your Blackberry is in trouble? So how to solve the pending fuel? Here's how:

If before it was to know how to deal with Overcoming Blackberry BBM Pending, which in this tip we have to do the offline - online connections in the Blackberry, do the HRT or Hard Reset and Soft reset. If the way the above is done and you still can run into fuel Pending. Now is the time to check your Blackberry.

Try to count, how long have you use the Blackberry? Is it 1 year or 2 or even 3? Then remember that long you been doing Wipe Handheld (Factory Default)? We know that we use Blackberry old-old will leave the cache, history file or file from the application once installed, and because the factor- This factor performance Blackberry will decrease and will certainly affecting the fuel that often pending.

A measure to address the fuel pending if all the above methods have been done is to do a  Blackberry Wipe Handheld. By step Wipe Handheld, the Blackberry you'll come back fresh like the new Blackberry. And of course, fuel-would be more responsive to work with! But remember Wipe Handheld is a last resort if the above methods do not work.

To perform a Wipe Handheld goes to menu Options - Security - Security Wipe as below. Give the checklist on the desired option, so that should give Fresh Blackberry back tick on Email, Contacts etc and User Installed Applications. Do not give the checklist on the Media Card; let the data like songs, photos and movies are not deleted in the SD Card. Then click Wipe Data.

Keep in remember Wipe Handheld process, will erase all data on Blackberry, from Phonebook, Contact BBM, SMS, AutoText, etc., so before performing Wipe Handheld should Backup your Blackberry using Blackberry Desktop Manager!

I am not responsible for lost data on your Blackberry, if you do a Wipe Handheld your Blackberry , use these tips wisely.
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"BlackBerry 10" there will be a physical keyboard

After the last presentation of the new operating system from RIM, "Blackberry 10" and call for developers 10 in alpha dev Blackberry World in Orlando Florida, attacking curiosity about whether the Canadian company still plans to launch a phone with a Qwerty keyboard physically traditional.

Where is the CEO of RIM himself, Thorsten Heins said that although the presentation of a new platform for developers and equipment based on the touch screen, if you have any plans to release a phone with a physical keyboard in the future, though probably not from the start when the first mobile phone with the new system will be thrown.

It's a bit quiet the concerns of some fans of the brand, so it is used and liked the physical QWERTY keyboard. So, in a few months into the official launch of "Blackberry 10" and then the first smartphone to a new platform, it is almost certain that we only see and touch screen phones to arrive until 2013 was the first  physical Blackberry 10 keyboard.
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Blackberry tips for smooth performance, stable and not slow

That's our Blackberry tips for smooth performance, stable and not slow.
Blackberry phones are not common, but a Smartphone. These tips apply to all types of messages, Curve, Pearl, Bold or Onyx. Here are his tips:

1. Try every 2-3 days, remove / loose batteries BB, and let stand for 1-2 minutes, this function is to remove and delete the file remains unused due to the process of chatting and browsing.

2. Perform routine Clear Event Log by pressing the ALT key + LGL G. Will appear in the display the results of the log, press the logo, select Clear Log, press Delete.

3. Do also routinely Memory cleaning, visually, select Options, Security Options, and Memory Cleaning, press the button  logo, and select Clean Now.

4. Every 2-3 days, do the Host Routing Table, by going to Options, Advanced Options, select Host Routing Table, press the logo, select Register Now.

5. And after the fourth step above, do well every 2-3 days Diagnostic Test, it is very important. Because of this sec appear on the screen if we are connected all the Blackberry, either PIN, Register and Email connection. By the way, select Options, Mobile Network, then press the logo, select Diagnostic Test, then press the logo button, choose RUN, let it run Completed process, if there is an Abort the process, repeat again that the results until there is an Abort .

That's our Blackberry tips for smooth performance, stable and not slow. May be useful... Remember, the above tips do not just grown, but must, in order to Blackberry smoothly and does not slow... For Blackberry instead of normal GSM phones... Blackberry is a smartphone.

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Blackberry OS 7, the mobile system safer for companies

A comparative study conducted by Trend Micro, the Blackberry OS 7 operating system has been considered the safest for business use. Although the financial and market situation of the Canadian company RIM does not go through the best of times, losing a large market share at the hands of mobile devices such as Apple's iPhone and Google's Android, its Blackberry OS 7 operating system are the safest in the market, according to Trend Micro.

The security firm says the report is totally independent and objectively evaluates the systems Blackberry OS, Apple iPhone OS, Windows Phone, and Android, although in the latter case, the system version used (2.3) for testing is not the most advanced and safe although the most widespread, while in the rest it has been used the last version.

For comparison, Trend Micro has evaluated 60 safety criteria in 12 categories. These include data encryption, encrypted connection, authentication, firewalls, passwords, security certificates, device protection, virtualization, corporate email, and application security, access to storage devices or security tools included.

The total scores of the study on 5 maximum points were:
- Blackberry OS 7.0: 2.89
- IOS 5.0: 1.70
- Windows Phone 7.5: 1.61- Android 2.3: 1,37

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When browsing on the Blackberry Error 10 005 and 10 001, how to overcome them

This problem often experienced by users blackberries, even I myself often experience, when we're cool browsing and suddenly error 10 005, very disturbing to me, and my friend had often experienced the same thing, but now it no longer, why? Because I've got solution, your want to know how to resolve error 10 005 and 10 001? The following way:

One cause of the onset of Error 10 005 is because there is a problem with the server from websites that we visit, it could be because the connection is not perfect from our Blackberry. To overcome the problem of 10 005 or 10 001 error while browsing on the Blackberry, is the first of course make sure that the package is the package used Blackberry Unlimited Package not Gaul, Blackberry Social Networking package or a package like that is not full service.

Do HRT or Host Routing Table. The exact cause of Error 10 001 was due to exist in a service setting is missing or less, because that HRT be something to do, do not forget after HRT, restart your Blackberry.

Another solution of Error and Error 10 001 10 005 on the Blackberry, is to use other browsers like Opera Mini for Blackberry Browsing Bolt or weeks to Blackberry
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Connect Wifi on Blackberry

Blackberry currently has mushroomed, from most young people today is more like blackberries, but this phone is slang for the display and the most important is a very fast internet service, and that is not less interesting when we are in the hotspot area, blackberry can used to access, well how do I connect? Actually these simple tips, but today I check incoming email, and in the mail asking how to connect to Wifi using blackberry (perhaps the person was still new to blackberry so much)

The following simple tips are an easy way to setting Wifi on the Blackberry, so when you are in Area Hotspots such as at the Cafe, Mall or campus fun you can surf via Wifi connection. To start the Wifi settings on BB you can click the Wireless Router at the Blackberry Home Screen to run the step "Setting Up Wifi" or can you pass the Home Screen> Manage connection> Set Up Wifi Network. Having been in the Wizard (the steps) Wifi settings there are three steps to help you select the Scan for Networks, Manually Add Network or Get Security Code.

If you have been in the hotspot area, you should select the Scan for Network to further facilitate the connection process, after the scanning process, the network that are available will appear on your BB and you can directly connect to the internet.
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Blackberry Protect, Blackberry app to search for the missing

Blackberry Protect is a free application designed to help you find your Blackberry Smart phone is lost or stolen, there are also features that can secure your Blackberry smart phones

• If your Blackberry is lost / stolen you just need to log into your device and lock all data on your device to the Blackberry website Protect

• You can also do away with all the data on your device and memory card via the Website Protect Blackberry so new users can not access your data at all.

• If you lose your Blackberry and want to explore, you can create a message on your Blackberry home screen to the find to restore your handheld. You also can trace / find the location of your Blackberry via a map / folder and find it.

• If you feel your Blackberry around you, but you forgot to put it where you can make sounds with full volume ring tones.

• You buy a new Blackberry? This feature is like in the desktop manager, you can save all the settings from your old Blackberry device that you backup and restore to a new device

To Enjoy This Application Must Subscribe / BIS Unlimited Use Service

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How to overcome Error "Sorry Unable to continue your session. Please login again" on Blackberry

When setting up email on the Blackberry will suddenly appear only error and Error "Sorry Unable to continue your session. Please login again" one of the causes of problems like this because we often mutually SIM Card or operator,

to solve a problem like this can try the following tips. Sign in to from your Blackberry browser, then select the state, on the page that appears scrolls down until it finds Communicate - Email, then follow the data requested.

If the above trick still does not work, try the Hard Reset and HRT, it is better to contact the operator that is used to help setting up email on your Blackberry.
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Battery Saving Tips your Blackberry, so durable

Blackberry is a device that is currently much-loved young people up to the businesses, because the connection is very stable and practical for carry, sometimes for being too cool to use the blackberry does not feel battery quickly run out, I suggest not to do when you start charging blackberry, as this will reduce the durability and battery can quickly swell, it's not just the things that cause battery on blackberry quickly run out, here are some ways that is not fast blackberry battery is weak or discharged:

1. Choose a provider that has a stable network, so devices do not always look for the signal.
2. Select the OS (Operating System) that match your Blackberry.
3. Frugality in Screen display brightness and timeout-> Options -> Screen / keyboard -> set the backlight brightness to be 10 (the smallest) and the backlight timeout to be 10 (the fastest).
4. Customize your profile as efficient as possible, turn off Vibrate / Vibrate LED + + volume-> Profiles (speaker picture) -> Advanced -> Enter profile of who is active -> vibrate setting the volume + + LED lamps as efficient as possible for the alerts BBM, Facebook, Message, MMS, SMS, IM.
5. If necessary, use gloves / original Blackberry pouch because once inserted in the holster, the screen will be immediately deactivated.
6. Occasionally (e.g., going to bed) facilities use silent profile, with no ring and vibrate, so that when there is an email or message, your phone does not ring ....
7. Turn off LED indicator.
8. Turn off the keypad tone.
9. Turn off Bluetooth when not needed.
10. Turn off Wifi when not needed.
11. Turn off the GPS when not needed.
12. Use 2G instead of 3G signal when the handheld while not in use to download large files (stand-by position) -> Manage Connections - Mobile Network option - change 3G to 2G.
13. Use a simple theme without animation.
14. Remove applications and themes that are rarely used (this will save memory) -> Options -> Advanced option -> Application -> delete unnecessary applications
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Blackberry Storm 9550 restart solution

Perhaps you are a user Blackberry storm 9550? Sure is nice not because the performance is very easily with the touch screen, blackberry storm 9550 in my opinion often suffered minor damage when cool to write, or standby time suddenly restart, the users Blackberry storm 9550 of course also often experience this, or even accustomed to experiencing restarts itself,

Actually this is a mild problem but sometimes disrupt our activities, how to cope? Well there are a few tips from me on how to cope with Blackberry Storm 9550 which is often restarted, follow the steps below

1. Check if many applications are running, especially the online application? Do not forget to also use the 2G than 3G
2. Check whether the battery is normally not bloated, make sure the battery is installed with a fitting, if and a bit loose try to tighten the battery to the clip, so it can be installed with a fit and well.
3. Try to format the SD Card. The existence of the corrupted files on the SD Card can affect the performance of the Blackberry, because that's trying to format the SD Card and see if the problem can be solved
4. A last resort, Wipe Handheld and if necessary Reload OS with the latest version
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Tutorial using offline maps on blackberry

Tutorial using offline maps on blackberry (Tested WITH 8800 Huron, try another type of own)

That is using the facility offline use maps provided by MGMAPS. The way it works is essentially a road map to download cache and then store it on the microSD and open it using the application MGMAPS. Here are the steps: (sorry no screenshots)

before you begin, download and install all the necessary tools:

a. MGMaps application for Blackberry OS 4.2 upwards in Install the Blackberry.

b. (OPTIONAL) Application GPSed for Blackberry in Install the Blackberry.

c. Software gMapMaker in Install on your PC.

After all ready to do the following:

1. Make sure the GPS in Huron you can already blazing. For 8820 and 8800 go to Options> Advanced Options> GPS> BB Button Press> Refresh GPS. Take the Blackberry into the open and wait a few minutes to appear coordinates where we are. For those who did not work that way, looking for open engineering tutorial on screen and solve its own problems if the GPS. Another alternative way to install GPSed on your Blackberry, open the application continues to wait for GPS lock.

2. With the browser open PC

3. Here we are asked to enter any area limits the input that we want to make the maps offline. The trick is open the desired area with pan and zoom on maps Google Maps are available (e.g. I'm looking for Bandung area, then zooming in on level 12 so that all incoming Bandung city in the box on that site). After that, click once to input "peg" the first on the lower left corner, then click once again on the bottom right corner, click once again on the top right (you can see the area of red shading indicates the areas that we want to take a map offline), last then click once again on the top left so that we can be the red area surrounding the city we want. In this case I put the entire area of Bandung in the red shading. Would remove the peg just click again on the peg you want to delete, or simply select Reset to remove all the stakes that we entered earlier.

4. Enter the input parameters that we want in the fields below the map.
- Zoom level: from 0 to 15 (or If you want detail select 0 to 19)
- Level of Detail: Fast and Rough (the more detail the greater the file we downloaded later)
- Type of map: (I use Yahoo Roads Road Maps for Google Maps when I downloaded the file on the campus was empty, the Yahoo Maps in the house when I download any file.)

5. Press Generate and we will download the file that we will use as a guide to download cache folder which we have previously entered input. Save the file somewhere easy to remember.

6. Open software gMapMaker and press browse in the upper right to choose our maps offline storage folder later. Let other parameter settings, but on the operating mode at the bottom, select "MGMaps mode, download using a. Map file".

7. Press Go and you will be asked to locate the file. Folder that you downloaded earlier. Enter his file folder and we will begin to download the file offline maps. And make sure the file is not corrupt.

8. When finished downloading then you'll get a folder whose contents MGMapsCache files offline maps tiles which we downloaded earlier. Copy the file to the microSD Blackberry in the Blackberry folder.

9. Open MGMaps on your Blackberry, continue to select: Menu> Settings> Map Browsing> Check Stored Maps and offline mode> Menu> Browse> Browse to SDCARD-Blackberry-MGMapsCache> Select> Menu> Save. Done it again MGMaps lid and open it again.

10. Here you should be able to get a map that you downloaded above. Maximum depth of zoom depending on parameters entered previously downloaded earlier time. If downloading at zoom levels 0-15, then the maximum zoom on just your MGMaps to 15. You want more detail can be improved zoom level with the consequences of his download it for much longer.
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Blackberry secret codes and Keys

You who happen to use the Blackberry as a means of communication, here are some information secret codes that you've probably never know. These codes may work in an emergency or even want to know the content or what was done (log) will be indicated by displaying the log report. While not all types of Blackberry support the code, but most can. But to consider if you're unsure, do not try before there is a backup, because I am not responsible if any damage.

• Function: Indicates the signal strength in dBm (not the 'trunk').

• ALT-V-A-L-D> in address book
• function: Check the data inconsistencies in the address book.

• ALT-R-B-L-D> in address book
• function: Reorder the data structure in the address book.

• Right-ALT-Shift-Del
• Functions: HH soft reset it, similar to 'pull the battery'.

• ALT-Shift-left-H
• Function: Indicates important technical info about the HH.

• ALT-R-B-V-S> in the browser
• Functions: Shows source-code, from a web page

• Function: record / log of the system event2 HH

• *- # -0-6> on the home screen
• Function: Indicates the handset IMEI code.

• ALT + NMLL = know the capacity of the signal bars

• ALT + V A L D = verification Address Book

• ALT + R B L D = remodel Address Book

• ALT + RBV = see source code in a Webpage

• ALT + left Shift + H = press to know the technical info is in the Blackberry

• * # 0 6 # = IMEI know who is on the Blackberry

• ALT + Right Shift + Delete = know the simulation capacity of the battery is full

• ALT + LGLG = find logs that have been done in Blackberry

• ALT + NUM / Aa / Cap + H = knowing the Access to Information PIN - IMEI - Vendor ID - Free Memory - OS Version

• MEPD on Sim Card = check the status of locked or unlocked Blackberry

• ALT + Cap / Aa = Right + DEL to restart the Blackberry being hangs

ALT-SMON WLAN wizard screen Enable simulated Wizard mode

ALT-SMOF simulated WLAN wizard screen Disable mode Wizard

MEPD Options> Advanced options> SIM card Display MEP info

MEP1 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable SIM personalization

MEP2 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable Network personalization

MEP3 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable Network subset personalization

MEP4 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable Service provider personalization

MEP5 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable Corporate personalization

Hopefully helpful,
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Shortage And Excess Blackberry Playbook

The following are the advantages and disadvantages playbook, as well as answers to small questions about playbook, in my opinion

1. Battery strength Playbook how?
Depending on usage. But with moderate usage. Can overalls all day, charger at night before bed.

2. Microsoft Office application viewer / editor and a PDF reader / editor smoothly or not in the Playbook?
I think smooth

3. Wifi create what its main function if it's at the bridge all the way to the Blackberry ... what's just for browsing only?
Bridge function for PIM apps just like the bridge browsing, push email, calendar, memo, task. However, to access the app world (only Wifi), or any application that needs the internet (games etc.) must Wifi or tethering.

4. Applications can be downloaded at the Blackberry is not compatible together in Playbook, if iPad iPhone apps can be installed into the iPad, although the small screen and must maximize 2x.
Now 'not' can, but the future of this PB QNX os promised by RIM will be compatible to run android apps (with android player) and have a mobile java app like Blackberry.

5. bridging the now steady?
Latest Update Bridge has been pretty stable and faster.
But sometimes there are minor issues. Such crashes.

6. Should the bridge use 9105 to 9670 what? Because I wear two types of the Blackberry ...
Whatever, the critical minimum for running OS5 bridge. But keep in mind that the current bridge, memory drain and drain battery must be a bit depleted; it is very wise if the bridge to the Blackberry that had a great memory, as well as strong battery. (Egg onyx2, torch).

7. The main drawback Playbook what?
• Its application in appworld, still need time to wait for other apps-apps popping up.
• son the truth is its excess, is also considered to be shortcomings because it has not stabilized, sometimes the browser may crash, or Playbook so slow so it must be restarted, etc, but only a minor issue that will be fixed with updates of his fore os.
• (only the first IOS release too many bugs, and fixed by the next os updates)

8. IPad what Playbook?
What needs to think first? If for multimedia, iPad its champion. Completeness of application, IPAD also champion.
For business, I tend to select Playbook.

• Bridge was able to browse his heart's Playbook at no additional cost. With features that are almost like browsing on a PC.
• Quality of its layer when playing HD movies -> astonishing.
• Gesture control -> Feeling rich in the future.
• QNX OS it ... Great potential.
• True multitasking.... need not be described.
• Its size, the mobile.
• The size is more portable with 7 "display Playbook very easy to carry anywhere, can enter the bag and not so strange when carried or worn in public places.
• Using the QNX OS Blackberry tablet-based, unlike the Blackberry OS which has been there at the Blackberry Smart phone. Playbook OS is also designed to support the Android applications.
• Sound stereo music's pretty good, balance
• User interface is quite nice and smooth, easy and quick navigation. It also has support multitasking.
• Support flash.
• Word processing application from DataViz Documents to go is included in the package.

• Apps her in the app world
• it would add little short..... Besides. The apps are minimal (the same as its excess): OS QNX.
• Due to the current OS is not yet stable, aka That is to say there are still many issues "that must be addressed and developed it ... For example: there is a report on his or her browser crashes sometimes, suddenly slow so it needs to restart once to refresh the memory (blackberry disease), the bridge is also sometimes crashes (but new versions of existing bridge progress), etc. as well as some other minor issues .. IMHO it’s fair for the first QNX OS on a tablet. It used to IOS first appeared also with a variety of issues which in the end the fix with os upgrades next.
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How To Buy used Blackberry Playbook

You want to buy secondhand blackberryplaybook? but do not know his condition is still good or not, what should you do?The following are several ways before you make a purchase Blackberry Playbook used
Blackberry Playbook

This in my opinion:
1. Asked warranty Quote:
Black Market-if asked for receipts show purchases (who knows there is still a store warranty)
in case an official guarantee, ask for warranty card show.
Check serial number: is the box same playbook that in accordance
way of checking in the NT: press the tip of the gear icon top right -> click on about -> serial number

2. Completeness check:
manual book complete, charger, original sleeve (outer item color, blue color inside), data cable, cleaning cloth (the color of the item).
Completeness confused if anything, search it on you tube with the keyword: unboxing playbook

Physical check: (check the smoothness playbook)
3. Check the screen, ask the seller for the same app installed that could have injured or clay screen was normal. (Free in the app world playbook)

4. Body check playbook still smooth or not, the edges are also checked if it still offered very smooth
check the volume button (+) and (-) and the power button On-off (pressed just make the check function is normal or not).
Try to use the hands free for functional checks, playbook is still normal or not

check the hardware:
5. try play video in the playbook. If normal goods, it should be smooth-smooth.
6. Try to play music; check out the speaker quality is still good or not.

(Note: after trying to point 5 and 6, note the battery icon. Whether the battery drop / no.)

7. Try to connect Wifi on the playbook. Try browsing Wifi briefly to check the connection.

8. Bluetooth connects on your Blackberry with the playbook, if normal should be easily connected without any problems.

9. Trying to do bridge playbook with your Blackberry (do not forget to install the Blackberry bridge on your BB first), and try one by one bridgen menu.

Last, try to ask for personal guarantees by the seller.
With a condition: if there is a problem Playbook: often hangs, battery hubcaps, or even death asking for money back 100%. (If the normal stuff, usually given a personal guarantee 1bulan)

10. Battery while trying to do the charging, charging battery in the playbook is normal or not.
11. Try running one of the existing apps.
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Blackberry Hidden Keys

Blackberry Hidden Keys, who I'm talking about here are the secrets behind the buttons on the blackberry, maybe some blackberry users already know, but many also do not know about it, for it please review belowBlackberry Hidden Keys- ALT + LEFT SHIFT + H, ALT + RIGHT SHIFT + DEL, and "buyr" in the Option already know it well ...- ALT + type L, G, L, G, L, G: print event log, for debugging usefull- Type ALT + N, M, L, L: print the signal bar in the number (once again u type / back)- Type ALT + ESCAPE: switch beetween applications- Type "test" in Options> status: self diagnostic test- Type "myver + (space / enter)" on any input text (sms, yahoo, email, etc): BB + OS version - Type "ld + (space / enter)" in (ditto) above: tampilin dates and days now- Type "lt + (space / enter)" in (ditto) above: display current time (very useful for ym ama ping)- Type "mypin + (space / enter)" in (ditto) above: print PIN fitting hh asked (no clay status)
READ MORE - Blackberry Hidden Keys