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blackberry charge problem solutions

I am back with a trick to repair damage to the yan blackberry can not be in charge, there are several factors why the blackberry that you have now is especially blackberry 83xx conduct disorder at the time of charge, you must know that a handset can work with very small voltages, unlike the voltage in your house, this small current is often hampered when dust, or rust, so the condition of your blackberry should really clean, well for sure whether your blackberry really clean on the charger connector, please open your own and you look at the charge and the pin connector located on the PCB charge your blackberry, if the conditions were clean but still could not make a charge, please check at the point, if you do not know the track, try to see the picture below, if the damage turns out on the path, then the next step is to make jumpers to connect the broken lines
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Free Theme Blackberry - Mobile Theme Bundle 5

Completely transform the way your BlackBerry looks. Change all of the icons, colors and the backgrounds. Change the cartoon on every screen.

* Premium ZLauncher Themes: Magic, Cosmos, Solstice, and Raven fabricated accurately for anniversary BlackBerry device/screen size.

* Over 30 added BlackBerry Backgrounds which bout the capacity in assorted sizes 240sq, 240x260, 320x240


* BlackBerry Models 7100, 8100, 8300, 8700, and 8800

* BlackBerry Curve and the Pearl.

Download here
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secret blackberry curve

Curve Series is probably the series on the BlackBerry family of the most widely used today. For those of you who've just know these smart phones, it's worth trying some simple tips on the following interesting nan.

1. Restart Without Removing the Battery

After installing an application or want to run a new service, there is usually a few adjustments. Well, the most frequently used to solve it is to restart your BB, then remove the battery.

The purpose of this way is to refresh the memory of the early BB. However, less effective and was impressed ribet. Actually there was an easier way, ie: press ALT + RIGHT SHIFT + DELETE. In this way you can also refresh the memory and reset the BB without a waste of time.

2. Clean Memory at Event Logs

Event log on the BlackBerry to show what the system is running. When experiencing an error, by looking at the list of event log, the central issue can be found. Therefore, this method can also be used as a solution when BB error.

How to access the event log, you first must be on the home screen. Press ALT followed by typing 'LGLG', event log will also appear soon.

You can free the memory in full is to speed up your BB. The way by pressing the HOME and select 'Clear Log'.

3. Switching Applications

One quick and efficient way of moving the application is to use ALT + ESC keyboard BB. This feature functions the same as true ALT + TAB key on the computer.

When running an application, press and hold down the ALT key and immediately followed by ESCAPE key (left arrow logo right of trackball). With just shook trackball to the right and left, you can also select the desired application. As for entry to the application with just enough to remove them.
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