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PCB blackberry

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did not seem nearly three months I made this blog and also had almost three months I also always post about the ins and outs of blackberries and PDAs, but the extent to which you are familiar with hardware parts on the blackberry? this we also need to know the hardware on blackberry harena also extremely important, as long as I have always been discussing tips and tricks, but for my hardware is still lacking, this time I want to give your blackberry PCB images, most people think is not too important, but for fans of this blackberry is very important, because with knowing the parts in a blackberry, if one day we will find it difficult to know which position should be fixed,
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some free blackberry Schematic

when we know little about the blackberries, naturally we want to know more about the blackberries, so if we have difficulty on our blackberries do not bother to come to the blackberry repair center in the city nearest you, or maybe you are a mobile technician, including blackberries? if you a technician of course you need Schematic blackberry because without, a technician will not know the system performance, for that was my post to share Schematic blackberries, including the 8900 blackberry Schematic, Schematic and Schematic blackberry 9000 blackberry 9500, please download chart in Schematic blackberry free

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