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Blackberry pearl 8100 unlock code

1 - Go to Options Menu => Advanced Options
2 - In the SIM Card menu, hold down the shift (right of the zero, cap) press meppd
3 - You'll see the unlocking level screen there you hold the ALT key (left side below @) type mepp2
4 - Enter the unlock code.


This procedure unlocks the handset from being network restricted from only using SIM cards from Vodafone Australia. In case of difficulties, please refer to the FAQ listed below

1. Take note of the unlocking code shown above

2. Insert a Non-Vodafone Australia working SIM card.

3. Ensure the phone is charged and then switch the phone on.

4. Optional Step: If the SIM card has a PIN, enter your PIN number. (See FAQ below)

5. The phone will then display a message. The most common is “Invalid SIM card”. (Different message? See FAQ below)

6. Select “Turn Wireless Off”

7. Select “Settings” Menu , then go to Advanced Options > SIM Card

8. Type alt-MEPT by holding the ALT-key and typing the letters MEPT with multitap i.e. type hold ALT, type {M}{ER}{OP}{OP}{TY}

9. When prompted with “Enter Network MEP code (255 left)” on the screen, enter the 16-digit network unlock code provided for your phone, then press Enter. (Unlocking code is shown above)

10. Reset the phone by pulling the battery

11. Switch the phone on and the handset will be unlocked automatically. This will be confirmed if you can make and receive calls with the Non-Vodafone Australia SIM card. (You will need reception and phone credit with the different network provider)

Please Note:

If the unlocking code is entered incorrectly the next attempt to unlock the device will be delayed for 10 seconds increments. The number of unlocking attempts is limited to 255 tries only. When 255 attempts is reached the phone will be permanently blocked.

To unblock the phone, it must be taken to a RIM service centre. No outgoing calls including emergency call is possible when the phone is blocked.
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on the basis of the blackberry pearl kyboard

The following Blackberry Pearl shortcuts can be used in many applications:

* To move the cursor, roll the trackball.
* To exit a screen or to move to a previous page in a browser, press the Escape key.
* To move upwards in a screen, press 3.
* To move downwards in a screen, press 9.
* To move to the top of a screen, press 1.
* To move to the bottom of a screen, press 7.
* To move to the next item, press 6.
* To move to the previous item, press 4.
* To move to a list item or menu item, type the first letter of the item.
* To select or clear a check box, click the trackball.
* To select adjacent items, hold the Shift key and roll the trackball.
* To delete a selected item, press the Delete key.
* To switch applications, hold the Alt key and press the Escape key. Continue holding the Alt key and select an application. Release the Alt key.
* To return to the Home screen, press the End key.
* To lock the keyboard, from the Home screen, hold the asterisk ( * ) key.
* To unlock the keyboard, hold the Send key and press the asterisk ( * ) key. Type your password.
* To switch between the Default and Vibrate notification profiles, from the Home screen, hold the pound ( # ) key.
* To turn on a theme or notification profile, select a theme or notification profile, then press the Space key
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BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Hot Keys Shortcuts

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 The following key combinations can be used in the Phone application or during a call

*To answer a call, press the Send button

*To maintain an active call and answer the second call, press the "submit" button.

*To view a list of contacts, press the Send button.

*To insert a plus sign hold (+) when entering a phone number, 0

*To add an extension number, press the X button, enter the extension number.

*To assign a speed dial number on the key from the initial screen or in the Phone application, press the button you want to assign. Enter the phone number

*To keep your voice mail chess, 1

*To the last dialed phone number that you see, scroll to the top of the phone, then press Enter. Press Send to dial a number.
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