below are the procedures to install the language asian countries

step 1
open the C> program files> common files> research in motion> shared> loader files
nah there for the OS that has a description "allang" in its installer
eg v4.6.1.xx-8900-alllang-Pxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
continue, go to that folder, find CJK.alx, and copy the folder to the desktop java (not to desktop)

step 2
into DM> app loader> add program> browse, search for files CJK.alx

install the required language pack only, because simply eating places

New Storm2 Screen Technology - PIEZO ELECTRIC

So-known of the new technology on display Storm2
a) When turned off, the screen in a fixed position. We can suppress them, but the screen will not move. (Like the iPhone)
b) If it is turned on, when we push on the screen, part of our reply screen to dial moving down (we can physically see displaynya move)
c) The screen was made of solid glass. So when we pressed it, the sensation that we really feel in the fingers are like the storm 1. The screen does not like the foam (crooked on the part of our push), such as storm 1, the screen is glass smooth and hard, but we can feel certain parts of it that we press, and made the sound "click" is typical.
d) In Storm2, we can multi-press. At 1 storm, there is a small button located in the middle under the screen. This means that once you click on one part of the screen, then we can not click anywhere else before we release the click and they will be pressed again. In Storm 2, we can click on one spot (eg the alt key), get the feeling had been punched, remain in detention, while squeeze in another key and get the other feeling the squeeze.
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hard reset procedure for dopod 900

You may need to reset your Pocket PC Phone. Normal (or soft) reset of your device clears all active program memory and shuts all running programs. This can be useful if the device is running slower than usual, or not working the program correctly. Soft reset is required after the installation of some programs. When soft reset is performed when running programs that are stored data is lost.

You can also called a hard reset (also known as a full reset). Hard reset should be performed only if a normal reset does not solve the system problem. Restored if a hard reset the device to its default settings, as was the purchase of the first IT and switched on. All programs installed, data you entered and to adapt to the loss. Only Windows Mobile software and other preinstalled programs will continue.

To perform a soft reset

• Use the stylus to lightly press and hold the RESET button on the
left side of your device.
The device restarts and displays the Today screen.

Warning! Always turn off your device before performing a soft reset or
installing/replacing the battery and SIM card.

To perform a hard reset

• Press and hold both SOFT KEYS shown enclosed by circles in
the picture below. Keep these keys pressed, and at the same
time, use the stylus to lightly press and hold the RESET button
on the left side of your device. Press either 0 to restore to factory
default or X to exit the hard reset process.

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Removing IT Policy in BlackBerry

IT Policy
IT Policy means any restriction or limitation in the use of BlackBerry.
Example restriction, for example, can not download attachments, can not connect bluetooth, can not install additional applications.
IT Policy Sometimes just simply appear by default, but operationally no limit at all. To check whether the current IT Policy or not:
Options - Status - type "BUYR" . later will appear en Voice Usage Data Usage
If it appears . IT Policy Enabled . This means that the new IT Policy On .

How to eliminate it? His condition to OS version 4.3 upwards

--install JL_CMDR
if you do not have please DOWNLOAD HERE

Double-click the icon JL_CMDR, the screen will appear as follows:
Press any key

If you dipassword BB, press Y, if not dipassword press N.

BB Enter your password (if using a password), then press ENTER

Next will appear a warning:
Press Y to do Wipe, or N to cancel.

Type: blackberry on the next screen to confirm the wipe

wait for the process is complete, then you have the BB wipe
if the BB screen appears "Error 507", not to worry, please go to desktop manager - application loader to re-install your BB.
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Changing the icon on the blackberry EMAIL

1. prepare icon that will be used to email account

2. search code would be changed emails, such as Gmail, go to options / advanced options / service book / search his email address, then go and see her UID, for example for, UID is GBISXAPC00S02.

3. wearing BB scout files, go to: store.appdata/rim/bda/icons/GBISXAPC00S02 (according to example No. 2)

4. iconnya paste here, then rename iconnya into 1-80-80.png. when previously there was another icon, just overwritten by this icon

NOTE: SPECIAL TO THE BLACKBERRY STORM: pasting into 1-73-73.png. for any icon size should be adjusted, because if fixed 80x80, would in fact too big

5. when finished, restart and enjoy

download some icon here
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free theme for blackberry storm who want to make look nice blackberry

Your users blackberry storm? if you want a blackberry storm you have to look good? if so you have time for this theme because this theme appears very interesting and I am sure that with this theme you do not want to escape from your blackberry storm, what do you want to have it ? fine then please download for free,

Download here
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Overcoming Bug In OS bluetooth on the Blackberry Bold 9000

who has a problem in the Bluetooth menu would not appear or could not pairing with a new device on the os, which I think actually it's not a bug . os can be used as usual, except that there is a way that the Bluetooth menu appears . I hope this helps your keyboard is having problems on os bluetooth .

It's easy just after we installed the os hh (handheld) bb we would we want to restore our data right?
reply should be noted here when restore data using restore DM do not use reply all but put an advanced course so we could choose what would be the pot handle is restored into our bb, when selecting "Make sure the reply associated with the Bluetooth do not restore" because according to This reply caused me Bluetooth is not going to appear the menu or for pairing with a new device ... and voila bluetooth menu appears, even if we set up again to.

It is with this ever pairing with your lost because there is no restore the data (because it's not restored) but the bluetooth works so well

how to see the picture below:






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tips blackberry gemini user for the first time

1. Knowing the PIN, IMEI, OS version, FreeMem.
Clicks: Main Menu - Options - Status, or press and hold 'ALT-Caps/AH' together.

2. Determine if BB 'locked' or 'unlocked'.
Click: Options - Advanced Options - Sim Card - write / type 'MEPD'.
- If BB 'Unlocked' will display the status line: 'Disabled'.

3. Knowing BB hit 'IT Policy' or not?
Click: Options - Status - write / type 'BUYR'
- If his BB IT-Policy/BES installed, the note 'IT Policy enabled'.
- If there is no IT Policy, appears 'usage data' and 'voice usage' with the usage rate
- It's really able to check his BB-new / used. If only once, the numbers should NOL / zero all.

4. Creating SMS and email in separate folders.
- Click: 'Messages' - BBMenu - Options - General Options - Search for 'SMS and Email Inboxes' and select: Separate.

5. To delete LOG
In the initial screen click alt + L + G + L + G
then press the BB button, and select Clear Log.
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Review OS blackberry bold

Your blackberry bold user? if you know what OS you are currently gunakaan? please refer to the blackberry Bold Review Os under ini.agar you know the weaknesses and strengths of your Blackberry Bold OS

Congenital Firmware
Like causes restart, free memory about 30s MB, slow browser

Official Firmware
Improvements of 126, did not cause the restart tp no other improvement.

Official Firmware
Large Free memory about 50an MB, stable but the browser is still slow. Firmware is recommended because of its stability.

Official Firmware
Having a browser such as speed and 167 large Free Memory like 162. This firmware is also recommended

Official Firmware
Have a good stability with a large Free Memory and fast browser. Firmware is recommended because of its stability.

Official Firmware
With 185 characters plus the improvement in battery management so that more efficient battery make this firmware is very recommended.

Non-official firmware
Has a disturbing bug in the font browser. Not recommended to use this firmware.

Non-official firmware
2 has the annoying bug of font and font browser system that does not make him uncomfortable to use.

Non-official firmware
Repair of 201 and has a good stability and a strong enough signal than 190. Firmware is recommended for use.

Non-official firmware
Have good stability as 190, although not visible difference than 210 versions, this firmware should be tried.

Non-official firmware
214 stable and stronger signals. Small memory leak plus good battery life is a feature of this firmware. Although this firmware is recommended, but many are reporting this firmware causing restart continuously.

Non-official firmware
Is the improvement of the 215 with the same platform to make the firmware 214 is free from problems restarting. But the firmware memory leak is quite severe, although there is no experience of this case. Simply recommended for use.
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BlackBerry Latest Firmware downloads free

BlackBerry Latest Firmware downloads free

BlackBerry 7100 Device Firmware

BlackBerry 7290 Device Firmware

BlackBerry 8100 Device Firmware

BlackBerry 8110 Device Firmware

BlackBerry 8310 Device Firmware

BlackBerry 8700 Device Firmware

BlackBerry 8707 Device Firmware

BlackBerry 8800 Device Firmware

NOTE: All other threads requesting Firmware download link etc will be deleted without warning !
if the link is dead, let me know by leaving a comment below this post, and I will give a new link
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The second step to improve the blackberry if blank

a few days ago I've shared with you about how to deal with blackberries suddenly blank ,whether you have succeeded in this way?if you fail, please do as below:

Wipe Blackberry
-> Wipe bb it is his hard reset blackberry , but before doing Wipe, back up your data first on his blackberry.

1. BB data back up
Connect BB to the laptop / PC via Desktop Manager (DM), then select "back up & restore". Select "back up"

2. Wipe BB

Stelah backing up the data, Wipe the BB can do.
go to Options>> Security options> General Settings ..
press the BB logo, then select "Wipe Handheld"
type "blackberry"
Wipe the process will then run.

3. Restore data
After Wipe process was completed, the data restore process can be done. Pace equal to the Back-up, only this time select is "restore"

after the data restore completed in,.make way first aid on the blackberry when suddenly blank(Blackberry blank solutions) once again

This hopefully with blackberry you will be normal again
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first aid on the blackberry when suddenly blank(Blackberry blank solutions)

First aid on the Blackberry will be undertaken when BB was suddenly blank . email does not go-go . YM(yahoo messenger) can not connect . signals only GSM / GPRS only.

1. Disconnect the battery at least 1-2 minutes.

This function is the same as doing location update in common mobile phone, that if the type can only turn of / turn on again.

2. Registration HRT

from the Options - Advanced Options - Host Registration Table - (push the option key again) - Register Now
This function is to ensure you are registered in HH BlackBerry network. With already registered, then the tunnel from your HH to the BlackBerry infrastructure already established. Tunnel link is to trigger GPRS/EDGE/3G capital.

3. Send Service Book (SB)

If his HH approximately you do not get self registration of the BlackBerry e-mail, then send SB can only be done via the pc / desktop. But if you've managed to get a self notifilasi lower register but still gprs/edge/3g, then send the SB can do with email setting in.(browser:

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