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How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Blackberry

How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Blackberry
How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Blackberry.
Welcome friends Blackberry, present information that this time we will write will review that contains blackberry news Tips and Tricks to buy blackberry. We intentionally wrote the info about the way this blackberry to respond to one blackberry incoming emails from friends that ask about Easy Ways to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Blackberry to blackberry.

I am committed to always present the latest and most comprehensive information about blackberry smartphone blackberry one which we will write articles that contains Tips on buying a new bb. Hopefully our humble blog can provide benefits for all blackberry user companions in particular. Below for the full review of present information that contains How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Blackberry's.

How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Blackberry. In this article I will try tips for you who want to buy a smartphone blackberry or just want to figure out how to differentiate your smartphone blackberry original and fake ones.

Like most electronic items more expensive, blackberry smartphone also has a special attraction for lovers of gadgets and smartphone. Not infrequently a lot of people who want to have a smartphone made by RIM's expensive.

However, along with his best-selling blackberry sales in the market not guarantee the safety or authenticity of the original smart phone 100%. Yes, the recent rampant fraud smartphone blackberry which is very troubling our society.

Current price of blackberry smartphone is priced at a not cheap because it's a lot of parties irresponsible fabricate spare parts even replace it with a fake spare parts not suitable to be used only to increase profits.

So you can pick and astute in distinguishing legitimate blackberry smartphone
and illegal, I have some tips that may be very useful for you later.

How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Blackberry was deliberately written because I saw many cases of fraud experienced this blackberry smartphone buyers. We simply refer to "How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Blackberry" below:

How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Blackberry

carefully observe the PIN and the IMEI bb

If you buy a blackberry original, blackberry PIN and IMEI listed the dos book. While Black blackberry market (BM) or blackberry fake PIN and IMEI are not listed on Box.

Thorough checks With Blackberry Internal Data

this way is the best way to check whether the original blackberry original new or used. Enough to check the Options - Status, and type on the keypad blackberry BUYR. After that will appear Data and Voice Usage. New blackberry should have data and Voice Usage 0.

Logo checks and blackberry Box

Check stickers and patents blackberry handled there or not. Blackberry Original new or usually has handled patent and blackberry.

That's some How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Blackberry that you can use as a guide before buying a smartphone blackberry. My advice, better to avoid buying a smartphone blackberry second hand you will not know whether the smartphone are in good condition or otherwise. A few tips blackberry How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Blackberry from me, may be useful.

Maybe it's just used to review information that contains blackberry ways and
Latest tips 2013, should there be trouble, criticism, or suggestions from blackberry user companions who happened to read the article This, do not ever hesitate to send your comments and suggestions are in the comment section below the article we provide an easy way distinguish between genuine and fake bb's.

Suggestions and criticisms of you is an important foundation for us to continue to develop this simple blog to be a container that can always provide benefits for blackberry users on the move. But before you switch on the article How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Blackberry's, try to listen serving other news from our blackberry to review blackberry tips and other information.

Thx so and do not forget the words we say to the readers who have taking the time to review our article entitled from How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Blackberry.
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How to Track a Lost Blackberry

How to Track a Lost Blackberry.

This time I will share tips that might be very useful for Your Blackberry smartphone users. Tips or this way contains about how do we track blackberry mobile phone is lost or left behind in somewhere that you forgot.

Sometimes brings blackberry phones everywhere will risk our phones lost or stolen by a
Thieves. However, if you are smart to use excess- available on your smartphone, of course not such a bad thing will be upon you. Many blackberry users who do not know
What they should do if you experience a problem where they have lost smartphone. Plumpness of their resignation or already been reported to the authorities. Yet it would not be effective if the thief had sold the goods your smartphone
The. Then how to Track a Lost Blackberry effective?

To track blackberry smartphone yours or your girlfriend has been lost you do not need to grieve or to report it. The needs you do is think calm and use your brainpower. One of which you can browse on the internet how to track blackberry missing as I write this.

If you've come here, so we just headed gist of the article How to Lost Blackberry's track. To keep track of the advanced smartphone such as blackberry, you need to perform some steps that I write down below.

How to Track a Lost Blackberry
Your blackberry IMEI number. Of course if it is lost you can look at the wrap or dashboard blackberry box. IMEI numbers are usually listed therein.
Visit the official website of Blackberry. 2. Login or sign in with your blackberry.

Do a search / searching with blackberry IMEI number you are missing.

If you move right, is shown maps of the location where the smartphone blackberry you are at the moment.

The steps above you can do while you are in a blackberry smartphone
Off state though. But that does not mean if a blackberry have lost is still in active conditions we can not trace. If the Blackberry smartphone is still in an active condition,
Thankful because it will greatly benefit you. why? Listen the following explanation:

How to Track a Lost Blackberry (which is still active).

Transform and Blackberry phones with OS under OS 7 you need to download
Application called Blackberry Protect on Blackberry App World.
As for your use with BB OS 7 or above,

This application is already on your blackberry smartphone automatically.
Register yourself on the official website of blackberry in

Your smartphone is lost, and the ID has been registered on blackberry
Protect it, you can not only know where the location your phone at that time, you can also access your smartphone
Directly from PC / laptop.

The following are some features you can do premises Blackberry protects:
Display / Send Message. With this you can open and send a message to the thief who holds your phone.

View Location. With a view you can see the location on a map digital current position where your smartphone is.

Play Sound. This feature to activate the alarm sound on your blackberry.

Lock Device. This feature allows us to lock the smartphone our blackberry.

Wipe Device. This includes the most important ways that you can do if you lose your Blackberry smartphone, the device Wipe
You can delete any important data that exist on blackberry your smartphone.

That review tips on How to Track a Lost Blackberry
I can present to you. May be useful.
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SMS on the blackberry just 70 characters

When going to write and send SMS on the Blackberry, it turns out the number of characters per-SMS Only 70 characters, but generally in every mobile phone even in the Blackberry, the one SMS is composed of 160 characters. Is this Blackberry error or what? Answer is no, then what's the solution? Consider the following steps:

SMS on the Blackberry just 70 characters due to setting in the SMS Data Coding using UCS2 instead of 7-bit. , A simple solution to solve the problem SMS character just 70 not 160 is actually pretty easy and by replacing from UCS2 SMS Data Coding to 7-Bit.

Go to the SMS menu or Text Messages, then press the Blackberry menu and select Option. Scrolling down junk you find Data Coding. Then the fox fromUCS2 to 7-Bit do not forget to save the settings that you created earlier.

Only 70 characters SMS solution was simple right? May be useful
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Some Tips Connecting Blackberry Playbook

Some Tips Connecting Blackberry Playbook

1. Make sure your OS Blackberry Playbook is the latest OS, how to check into the options (picture top right gear) and then to software updates, click the "Check for Updates".

Playbook OS
Blackberry OS -> Find in existing thread
Official fuel, to version Betazone

2.  Make sure your OS Blackberry Playbook is the latest official OS (it is advisable not hybrids).
3.  In relation connecting this requires a fairly large memory suggested some such as the Blackberry 9700, 8520, 9300 OS5 who default to using OS 5 only.

4.  Make sure the Bridge software is installed on your Blackberry is the latest, current version Check in appworld from your Blackberry (free).

5.  Make sure your fuel most recent version.
6.  Make sure the fuel you do not have much huruf2/gambar2 fancy, this will prolong your connectivity to Blackberry Playbook.

7.  Had the first time need for connecting first delete an existing chat and email on your Blackberry in order to speed up connecting. For extreme there is a delete all contacts on the fuel for the first time connecting with the Playbook. It can restore it to restore or add one by one

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Which is the best for you? BlackBerry,iPhone,other phone

The rise of sales of blackberries make a lot of people crazy, it might happen in your country?, A majority of the population to buy goods on the basis of desire, trend and prestige.

This lucrative market gives the wind a new heaven to the market is already saturated with cell phones that feature is not much developed.

Blackberry service re-emerged with a price that is much cheaper than in 2004 and the price of services to other countries in the world challenge of new gadgets.

Understanding THAT YOU MUST Understand

Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, et al
is aimed HANDHELD TELEPHONE and SMS, wrapped with music features, office, and email. Its main features are TELEPHONE AND SMS

is aimed HANDHELD MULTIMEDIA (VIDEO, MUSIC, INTERNET) with visually stunning graphics and touch experience
Its main features are MULTIMEDIA

is aimed HANDHELD EMAIL, wrapped with phone features, text, and multimedia standards.
Because EMAIL based, the BlackBerry has a network-based That Can Be Easily Used to work with YM!, Msgr MSN, Google Talk et al.


Of its kind, We Can know what We need.

If you compare the knife, They were the resource persons equally quick knife but the knife was there any kind of-kind, there are types of meat cutters, fruit and war Paring

If you compare the knife the which is more severe Among the three blades, the which you Should ask is, to what purpose?

So if you compare mobile phones, Blackberry and iPhone
and arguing over WHO was more powerful, I would ask,
"Do you need?"
Because it's useless arguing with the handyman fruit That Rambo knife you are more powerful than a Paring Knife papaya. Different objectives, ga would be endless.

So if you are arguing first identify the needs of your debate opponent.

If your need is a super-fast email and real-time, no one Could match his toughness gadgetpun BlackBerry

Hopefully this cans be understood before you buy a BlackBerry.

How to buy a BlackBerry is Actually very easy, and RIM has been set for you to buy securely BB is through partner operators Easily monitored by RIM as after-sales That cans serve customers with the maximum.
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OTA download files from your computer

OTA downloading a file, usually done directly with the blackberry, but what if you want to download OTA files, but when you do browsing using the PC / Notebook?

This actually is very easy if you are browsing using Mozilla, because Mozilla addon already available to "download OTA files"

ota you want to download files directly from your notebook?

please let Mozilla addon download below and install on your Mozilla browser

for mozila

for google chrome
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Blackberry error 523 solutions

for those of you Blackberry users are upset because error523, caused by alt + THMN and there were crashes of a particular application.
This problem is often found in some people using blackberries Jave.

The solution is quite complicated, because backup data is difficult, even I could not.
Because hangs directly connect with DM.

The solution is the wrong one: Blackberry reinstall the firmware. but data can not be backup. (Wipe then reinstall)
-. Disconnect the battery Blackberry
-. Plug into your PC / laptop to writing device connected to Unknown
-. Next and run the next step.

hopefully help
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Blackberry Apps Error Code 400 to 499

today I will continue concerning the apps error that you often find on your blackberry, many people who already know about this, but more people who do not know.

I will not let a lot of pushes, just go to the point that is about the "blackberry apps  error code" between 400 to 499

to erorr code rate is not much just some code only, not as in the previous code error 

-400-564 Breaking lines, sistem data link lost, possibility of bad sector in hard drive
-410 Radio Failure
-411 Battery Error, Replace Internal or External Battery module
- 499 Software problems, continue to handheld device OS installation or application updates via Apploader


tomorrow I will continue to find other errors., may be useful for you
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Blackberry Apps Error Code 3xx

blacberry continue my post about the apps error code 1xx and error code  2xx
-310-314 Hardware failure
Perform a hard reset on the handheld: Shut down, remove the battery wait a few second... replace battery then see when happens when it starts.
Run Application Loader to reload the operating system and applications onto the handheld.
Note: If these tasks do not resolve the error, contact your service provider.

-320-325 AMX failure
Run Application Loader to reload the operating system and applications onto the handheld.


-330-339 Application tasks failure
Run Application Loader to reload the operating system and applications onto the handheld.


-340-343 Memory failure
You receive one the following error messages on your handheld:
Device Error 340 - 343

Memory failure

Reduce the number of calendar appointments synchronized to your handheld.
1-In BlackBerry? Desktop Manager, double-click the Intellisync icon.
Click Configure PIM. The Handheld Configuration window appears.
2-In the Handheld Applications list, select Calendar.
3-Click Configure > Advanced Settings. The Advanced Settings for Calendar window appears.
4-In the Date Range tab, perform one of the following tasks to reduce the number of calendar appointments synchronized to your handheld:
If you click the Transfer only Future items option, only future calendar appointments will be synchronzied to your handheld.
If you click the Transfer items within a range of Days option and enter date range in the fields provided, only the calendar appointments that scheduled within the date range will be synchronized to your handheld.
5-Click OK to save your changes and close the window.
7-In the Handheld Configuration window, ensure that the check box beside the Calendar application is selected, then click OK.
8-In the Intellisync window, ensure that the Synchronize PIM check box is selected, then click Synchronize Now. The number of calendar entries on your handheld is reduced.
If you still receive the error

Run Application Loader to reload the operating system and applications onto your handheld..

- 350-359 Software application failure
You receive one of the following error messages on your handheld:
Device Error 350, 352, 353, 354, 355, 356, 357, 358, 359

Software application failure.

Perform a hard reset on the handheld.
Run Application Loader to reload the operating system and applications onto your handheld. In the Application Loader Wizard window, do not select any third party applications. In the Advanced options, select the Erase all currently installed applications check box

360-363 Flash memory failure
Run Application Loader to reload the operating system and applications onto the handheld.

365-368 This one is often followed by
Contact your service provider.
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Blackberry Apps Error Code 200 to 203

-200 Application manager threw an uncaught exception. The application manager event thread threw an uncaught exception and so cannot continue running.

-201 Initialization of the cryptographic system failed and the handheld cannot continue to operate

-202 An attack on the key store has been detected, and the handheld cannot continue to operate

-203 The application manager console process, usually the Home screen ribbon, has failed, like due to an uncaught exception.
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list all the apps error for the Blackberry series

below is a description of error codes, which are often found in blackberries

Blackberry Apps Error code, between 101 to 110
-101 Internal JVM error.

-102 Invalid code in file system. The .cod files in the handheld have been checked for modification and it has been determined that there is a problem with one or more .cod files.

-103 The starting address for the boot .cod file cannot be found. This might mean that a boot .cod file has not been installed on the handheld, or that its format is invalid or corrupt

-104 An uncaught Java exception was thrown in the Java code and diagnosed by the JVM. Execution can be continued or the handheld can be attached to a debugger on a desktop through a serial or USB cable. The event log should contain the traceback of the thrown exception.

-105 An OS file system API returned an error status for a certain operation. This can indicate a corrupt file system or an error in the JVM.

-106 An error has been detected in the graphics system of the handheld.

-107 - 108Internal JVM error.

-109 Internal OS error.

-110 Non-idle event downtime error. A problem has been detected in the accumulation of JVM down time that represents how long the JVM has been idle. This indicates an error in either the OS code or the JVM code.

to find other errors that I will share the other day
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be careful with blackberry prices below market.

It is highly recommended to buy a local authorized warranty service (there are locked and wb local operator logo and there is a local operator logo on the opening screen, warranty, guarantee any such operators),

if you're forced to buy the warranty distributors make sure the distributor is well supported with a service center with expertise in dealing with the BlackBerry from the Re-sellers are trustworthy. Why? Another problem if you buy a bb for prestige reasons and trends but to those that menjadikah bw as business needs, the damage will be felt on the body weight if not supported service professional services from vendors or from the distributor concerned.
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Delivery Confirmation email on blackberry

Delivery Confirmation email

maybe you are one busy person, so that wherever always brings blackberries, blackberry and even you are a loyal friend, because the blackberry is a smart phone, not infrequently you use to send and receive email,

for those of you who frequently send mail and it can be a red tick alias failed, though not necessarily message'nya undeliverable can try these tips:
- Add the word "" (without quotation marks) in front of the Subject when sending an email, let me get in good to Auto Text only
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Watch Youtube Video Player for the Blackberry with Youtube

If you like watching Youtube videos on the Blackberry, this application is named Player for Youtube is very feasible for you to try. By Player for Youtube we can easily see the Youtube video from the video that was popular, latest, top rates to the featured video. Not only was the Player for Youtube we can play the video via RTSP streaming and WAP or Wifi connection. Another feature of the Player application is for Youtube to Blackberry

    * Share videos via email links with your friends
    * Bookmark / save the links from your favorite youtube videos.
    * Process video with easier search
    * Access to videos on youtube by category and Tags
    * Until the click of youtube video links from other applications
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How to Beat net_rim_bb_phone_app Application Error (468) is Not responding: Process Terminated

When you going to do Speed Dial on your Blackberry, you suddenly you just remove blackberry 468 error like this exception: Application net_rim_bb_phone_app (468) is not responding, process terminated. 468 error like this could arise because there are applications in the BB you are corrupt. Simple way to overcome the error 468 is by trying to do the Hard Reset your BlackBerry, how to loose weight battery for 30 seconds. If this still does not solve the problem the second way is to check the number-number in Speed Dial maybe there is something wrong there
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How to Move to New Blackberry phonebook from the old Blackberry

You have just bought a new Blackberry 9650, the problem is the whole phonebook or contact you at your old Blackberry 8310. Then how to transfer contacts from blackberry phonebook or new to the old blackberry or other mobile phone? The easiest way is to copy the phonebook to the SIM card, but of course very limited way to remember the ability to store phonebook sim only a few hundred only, not got a thousand other than that if you have email at contact, sometimes can not tercopy to the simcard.

The second alternative, is to use online services on the internet (eg Gmail) for synchronizing contacts. Online synchronization process is quite worth a try because of convenience and of course you can synchronize kapannya anywhere and most importantly affordable Internet access.

Another alternative is to use Outlook in sync with the laptop, use the Device Swith on the Blackberry Desktop Manager Wizard.
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How to Update Blackberry, Directly from the BlackBerry

You must know the process Update / Upgrade your computer through the Blackberry OS, in which we live download the OS files to our computer, with an Application Loader and then we can direct the process of our Blackberry Operating System Update. In this way, for some people it is quite complicated. Though there is a fairly easy way to do Process Update your Blackberry directly, without requiring the help of computers, namely the process update the OTA (Over The Air).

To get to the menu Option> Advanced Options> Wireless Update. When an update is available for your blackberry, icon will appear to perform the update process. Such a process is quite easily done and certainly not too complicated. The time required may take up to 2 hours, so get ready for it to charge your Blackberry, so as not to run out of battery when the update process is underway.
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Antivirus applications for blackberry

Blackberry you want to remain safe, free from viruses? Then an application called Lookout can be an alternative to protect your Blackberry from a virus attack. Even not only that Lookout can also be relied upon to back up important files on your Blackberry. Here is an important feature of the Lookout

    * Antivirus, Antivirus Yups Lookout is a Blackberry that will protect you from viruses by searching and found malicious files on your Blackberry
    * Data Backup, with Lookout, you can perform backups of data (picture and contacts) on your Blackberry, and where and whenever you can restore it back up, even backing up you can access via a laptop.
    * Missing Device, your Blackberry is lost or forgotten stored where? Do not worry Lookout can help you, with the alarm feature and can even wipe the Blackberry you, so Blackberry data you will not be accessible to others.
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Mafia Wars tips on your Blackberry

Mafia Wars game on Facebook is very popular and lots of fans. If you are addicted to one game Mafia Wars and want to play these games on your Blackberry, which could be used as an alternative option is to first install the browser by Bolt. With Bolt Browser you can play Mafia Wars, because it's one of the browser can run javascript support alias so it will be able to run the Mafia Wars on your Blackberry. Please visit the official Web Bolt or could in the search on the World to Download Blackberry App Bolt Browser
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Procedure DOWN GRADE OS (Wipe BB dengan JL_CMDR) on Blackberry

OS bb remove it at once .. then in any bw who enter in accordance with the handheld type of course. There is also a running friend blackberrians wipe with JL_CMDR before the OS upgrade (sometimes necessary, sometimes guns necessary).

so, here's how .. after finishing a few steps below, continuing with the procedure in OS UPGRADE TIPS

1. Install jl_cmdr.exe

2. Data Backup

3. Run jl_cmdr

4. Will be asked "This BlackBerry ™ lock with a password?

4a. If you select yes and then typing password

5. Select the menu number 4. Wipe with the press no. 4

6. Type the blackberry

7. Your handheld will wipe process

8. Your handheld will have a code 503

JL_Cmder what?
JL_Cmder stands is JavaLoader Commander. JavaLoader is a command line tool imaginable on the BlackBerry. JL_Cmder simplify the use of perintah2 (commands) that are often used in JavaLoader.

JL_Cmder can be anything?
1. deviceinfo - handheld displays info.
2. eventlog - handheld displays the event log.
3. screenshots - make clear what dong (OS 4.0.2 + required)
4. wipe - Removes OS handhelds (also siy guns, but a trivial like that)
5. resettofactory - Eliminate IT Policy. (OS 4.3 + required).
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