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Blackberry, a digital world trendsetter

Blackberry. hmm new is ice cream flavor? apparently not .. These wealthy people now hear a word already on the BB ato fluent Blackberry. but there are also people who turned out to be not yet understood what it was Blackberry. Blackberry is a device similar to mobile communications in general, can be used for phone and sms of course, with Java-based operating system made by RIM (Research In Motion). One of its advantages is anywherenya internet connection. But do not always assume that by buying the Blackberry connection can be directly obtained. We must subscribe to one of the existing providers

Having a Blackberry without a subscription to BlackBerry Internet Service would just be ordinary mobile phone to make even a headache, because my choices were not as good as mobile phones such as Symbian OS, but if blackberry service is enabled by the internet service blackberry, blackberry replacement laptop for blogging, chatting, facebook and email access. One of the advantages sophisticated mobile phone with a Blackberry than a more expensive price than the Blackberry is a system for email processing.

If on the other mobile phone to pull mail into our inboxes to be done manually (pull technology) or through a special email software, while the blackberries, emails appear as SMS, email on the blackberry will appear some time after sent by the sender to the blackberries we (PUSH technology ). Excess other blackberries are in compression of incoming email to the inbox, the comparison with ordinary email is 1:100, so it is like someone sent an email with size 1000 Kb (1 Mega) then the incoming email inbox sized blackberries only 10kB! In other words, the use of the Internet connection must be thrifty and email capacity becomes very large as the capacity of an sms. however, these emails can be deleted automatically if the internal memory blackberries are shrinking, so the blackberry to automatically delete an email / sms is there to raise the amount of internal memory. Right now a lot of products that berdedar blackberries with varying prices. Blackberry needs to be noted is not the same as any other handphone mostly running well if we buy that is not the official warranty. Blackberry comes with a PIN that is useful to internet through Blackberry Internet Service through the provider you are taking. This PIN is what is called suspend kadangkalah experience. In other words already in the PIN blackberry black list by RIM's Blackberry as a vendor. So to avoid susnpend PIN, it's good to make sure your PIN does not suspend guarantees by asking the seller or directly activating the Blackberry Internet Service at the front of the seller. So if there apa2 yes we can ask for compensation. may be generally like it, more or less can be added.
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BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) 3.0 Now Up and Running

Just like we reported it would happen last week, BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) 3.0 is now up and running, thanks to Research and Motion engineers. The work was done early this morning, which is why the lot of North Americans did not notice any issues.

So now that BIS 3.0 has been running without a hitch, it’s time for the changelog, courtesy of RIM:

* Coming soon: Enhancements to Google Mail integrations
o Google Mail Account to BlackBerry smartphone synchronization of read, unread and sent email message status for new Google Mail integrations
+ Note: this feature will be added throughout the Spring 2010 by region
* Enhancements to the Google Mail Plug-in
o Create and delete labels from the BlackBerry smartphone
+ Note: The Google Mail Plug-in requires BlackBerry® Device Software 4.5 or later and a Google Mail integration, using Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), within BlackBerry Internet Service.
* Additional Language Support for Basque, Catalan, Galician, Romanian
* Increased Attachment Compatibility
o OpenDocument Presentations (.odp)
o OpenDocument Spreadsheets (.ods)
o OpenDocument Text (.odt)
o OpenDocument Text Templates (.ott)
o Windows Media Audio (.wma)
* Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (xHTML) Support for non Thick Clients
BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0 is designed to support xHTML for non Thick Clients, providing BlackBerry smartphone users with a richer user experience, allowing for buttons, additional fonts, and colour controls when subscribers access and toggle their user settings.
Device Switch Revalidation
Changes to optimize the email setup and deactivation experience when the subscriber switches BlackBerry smartphones or Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards.
* Hosted Email Address Passwords
Allows BlackBerry smartphone users to re-claim the BlackBerry email address if their BlackBerry Internet Service account is ever deleted.

Note: After BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0, only newly created BlackBerry email “Username/Password” accounts will be prompted to create a password, secret question, and secret answer.
* Send Delivery Receipts
BlackBerry Internet Service users now have the ability to configure whether to allow sending delivery receipts or not.

Perhaps the most-anticipated feature when it comes to BIS 3.0 will be rolled out gradually, as noted in the text above. Enhanced Gmail integration will be arriving this Spring, region by region. No particular order was announced.
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blackberry RIM and Blackberry NON-RIM

Connect Blacberry or commonly abbreviated as the BBC is actually also an initiative from RIM to enlarge blackberry service market, briefly to help users of non-blackberry handsets for Using the service could also blackberries.

Formerly, it was people would prefer RIM's handsets because of its shape outside the Ugly, bongsor and expensive, so can not be denied the (first) will choose the device Pockect PC, Smartphone such as Motorola and Sony Ericcson or Palm.

But not anymore, since the launch of products such as Pearl, Curve and Huron who carried the sensual shape and thin, people will begin to look at RIM's latest product, especially when it already supports GPS and WIFI.

In use, I honestly was not much using the BBC, because my handset device (treo 750V) was tortured until you die to attract hundreds of emails fruit, and in some cases, need to reset several times since impressed hangs / lack.

After all, PULL email at Treo750 can be made as good as the BBC to set the email PULL everytime.

Now back to the essence, if you:

1. want to use blackberry services
2. and the handset you already support Blackberry Connect and you do not want to use blackberry handset
3. and you only need 3 email accounts with traffic just a few to tens of emails.
4. and volunteer your handset battery is more costly and heat
5. and would sometimes have to reset your handset
6. and volunteer your handset performance a little more slowly.
7. and not satisfied with congenital PULL email from your handset.

Please use the Blackberry Connect
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about the blackberry service

BIS, more intended for end users (end users) personal, so just need an ID, CC, and personal information.

BES, more intended for corporate users, especially those who want to email with their personal server settings, or even provide an email policy on what can be sent and received.


if you only want to use the blackberry for personal purposes, go ahead with BIS, but if you want to be with your company uses blackberry, with consideration of the benefits, please chat with sales BES
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advantages and disadvantages blackberry

For the price is expensive, because the quality of blackberry devices extremely reliable (read: tough), believe it or not, some colleagues in the mailing list id-blackberry even have impressive experience with their blackberries, there is a fall in the gutter, fell in the sink , fell from a height of several meters and the most exciting, some use of his Blackberry 8700 to open a crab shell when eating sea-food.

some weaknesses blackberry
1. Ghost eaters email / sms, so called because until now there blackberry devices that can somehow eliminate the email / sms us. some colleagues even see yourself on the email list, email lost 1 for 1 as the manual delete, but they do not do it. The most likely cause of the blackberry's internal memory is smaller, so the blackberry devices to automatically delete an email / sms is there to raise the amount of internal memory.
while the current solution, always update your blackberry device with Operating system version (OS) the latest, the date it more stable.
then also install software to manage memory (auto-free without mendelete email / sms).
Then, make sure the email / sms important in the backup or forward it to your email archive repository.

2. Software, so very little blackberry software and everything should be paid (a really rare freeware), which is an advantage but lack softaware blackberries is that we use must go through an authorization RIM (Blackberry we must always connect to the server as a service provider RIM blackberry), so blackberry software is almost impossible to plow, so, for that would use the funds more siapin blackberries and credit cards to buy blackberry software you need of course.

3. Austis and 'crazy' own? yes, for some emails that come as SMS can become addicted (addicted), imagine if we can not control the timing of when to see our blackberries closest people, boyfriend, friends, parents, children can even forgotten. So make sure you use a blackberry with the wise
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Comparison of Blackberry connection with another OS

connection problem blackberry devices are also able to use GPRS and 3G (a particular series, I understand the new 8707), but the difference is, if the other devices to attract our email inbox must be done manually (PULL technology) or even if there is we have to install 3rd party software while the blackberries, emails appear without the 'invite' er means withdrawn, such as sending SMS, emails on blackberries will appear some time after sent by the sender to our blackberries - the term using PUSH technology.

but 1 thing I'm watching experience is in excess of blackberries compress incoming email into our inbox, a comparison with the normal email is 1:100 (yes extrem scale), so it is like there is someone who sends email to you with size 1000 Kb (1 Mega ) then the email that you read on your blackberry inbox bersize only 10Kb! not amazing, that with blackberry devices very efficient bandwidth connections at all.

The second, have you tried to accommodate email at PDA phone / mobile phone you are more than 1000 email? I have, and usually the performance of our devices would slow down and even hangs so that the worst must be reset.

well, the blackberry it is not necessary, this excess becomes one of the strengths blackberries, tens of thousands of emails, monggo accommodated on your blackberry, the extent of his memory capacity would not hang.
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Blackberry basic knowledge

Blackberry name has been known since long, but there was also not understand what was blackberry and what is the difference between blackberries and other os like symbian or the other? Now I want to discuss about the notion of blackberries, it needs to know for those who have not understand about blackberries.

Blackberry is a device that is similar to other mobile phone, can perform the basic functions for the phone and sms, which distinguishes only Operating System on a blackberry mobile Operating System (OS) made Java-based RIM (Blackberry vendor).

Blackberry without a subscription to BlackBerry service, of which only the regular phone to make even a headache, because the menus are not as good as mobile to Symbian OS for example, but if blackberry service activated by your service blackberries, blackberries into a killer device to the Internet for ria, especially email
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