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Blackberry 9700 (Onyx) vs BLackberry 9000 (Bold)

Model: Blackberry Bold larger and thicker than the onyx, his impression was bold, more brave and sturdy, but if onyx bezel rear upper part is also cool, sounded more elegant than the bold onyx .. . but this is definitely different from the relative's view ...

Screen: big screen bebih bold than onyx, approximately 2.6 "versus 2.4" .. but the onyx screen resolution for superior bold because onyx resolution versus 480x320 480x360 ... onyx pixel density so certainly more subtle than bold ..

Memory: storage for superior bold 1giga 256mb proportional to onyx, but I think it is not important because it can be replaced by a microSD, so its only for storage media such as songs, videos, pictures etc. ... his The most important is my mnrt internal memory, 256mb and bold onyx just 128MB .. This condition is very influential when we blackbery installed applications that contain fat, bold easier to load and become slower than the onyx ..

Battery life: for the battery either bold or onyx using jenih and battery with similar capacity, but for some reason, I can tell you the battery power of his onyx can be bold, 2x, and that was me prove myself with the same usage conditions .. jg byk who his bold mengeluhakan hrs in charge 2x in 1hari, whereas my onyx worn from morning to night fighter is still strong even at times still remaining 20-40% .. primarily to matters of battery life, solid onyx

Camera: This one again is proving the product development of blackberry, bold resolution 2mpix and no auto focus while the onyx, and there are already 3.2 Mpix autofocus .. and I menerut less good than bold is when we want to capture images, then it is not full screen preview on the screen but just a small box in the middle screen ..

trackpad vs. trackball: people must be different impression menganai this, but I myself have been very comfortable with the trackpad, and on me in front of me there is a bold and onyx .. I played her onyx trackpad, continues his bold move to the trackball, and it seemed to click the trackball that feels harder. .. sorry, but that's what I feel .. blum's about the power of the trackpad can be proved, but they still have much to complain trackball jammed after 2-3 months used ..

CONCLUSION: I think it onyx already a step ahead when compared to the bold degan from all sides, both from the performance, battery power, camera, internal ram, etc. .. its onyx just might lose in terms of appearance .. but also when considered cool onyx than bold,
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Overcoming Bug In OS bluetooth on the Blackberry Bold 9000

who has a problem in the Bluetooth menu would not appear or could not pairing with a new device on the os, which I think actually it's not a bug . os can be used as usual, except that there is a way that the Bluetooth menu appears . I hope this helps your keyboard is having problems on os bluetooth .

It's easy just after we installed the os hh (handheld) bb we would we want to restore our data right?
reply should be noted here when restore data using restore DM do not use reply all but put an advanced course so we could choose what would be the pot handle is restored into our bb, when selecting "Make sure the reply associated with the Bluetooth do not restore" because according to This reply caused me Bluetooth is not going to appear the menu or for pairing with a new device ... and voila bluetooth menu appears, even if we set up again to.

It is with this ever pairing with your lost because there is no restore the data (because it's not restored) but the bluetooth works so well

how to see the picture below:






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Review OS blackberry bold

Your blackberry bold user? if you know what OS you are currently gunakaan? please refer to the blackberry Bold Review Os under ini.agar you know the weaknesses and strengths of your Blackberry Bold OS

Congenital Firmware
Like causes restart, free memory about 30s MB, slow browser

Official Firmware
Improvements of 126, did not cause the restart tp no other improvement.

Official Firmware
Large Free memory about 50an MB, stable but the browser is still slow. Firmware is recommended because of its stability.

Official Firmware
Having a browser such as speed and 167 large Free Memory like 162. This firmware is also recommended

Official Firmware
Have a good stability with a large Free Memory and fast browser. Firmware is recommended because of its stability.

Official Firmware
With 185 characters plus the improvement in battery management so that more efficient battery make this firmware is very recommended.

Non-official firmware
Has a disturbing bug in the font browser. Not recommended to use this firmware.

Non-official firmware
2 has the annoying bug of font and font browser system that does not make him uncomfortable to use.

Non-official firmware
Repair of 201 and has a good stability and a strong enough signal than 190. Firmware is recommended for use.

Non-official firmware
Have good stability as 190, although not visible difference than 210 versions, this firmware should be tried.

Non-official firmware
214 stable and stronger signals. Small memory leak plus good battery life is a feature of this firmware. Although this firmware is recommended, but many are reporting this firmware causing restart continuously.

Non-official firmware
Is the improvement of the 215 with the same platform to make the firmware 214 is free from problems restarting. But the firmware memory leak is quite severe, although there is no experience of this case. Simply recommended for use.
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hard reset procedure for blackberry 9700 bold

to repair minor damage in the blackberries are not far different from the other phone, if the other phone is hard resset term on any blackberries, too, below is a hard procedure to resset blackberry 9700 bold :

Reset the device
Remove and reinsert the battery.
BlackBerry 9700 Bold Hard reset

Format the device memory or a media card
If you format the BlackBerry® device memory or a media card, all the files in the device memory or on the media card are deleted.
Depending on your device model, you might not be able to format your device memory.
1. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.
2. Click Memory.
3. Press the Menu key.
4. Click Format.
5. Complete the instructions on the screen.

Warning: All data on your phone will be deleted.

hopefully helpful
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Pictures Unhide Hidden in the Picture folder on the blackberry

actual blackberry pengoprasianya almost the same way with computers, although almost the same with computers but I hope this tutorial is useful for those of you who just have a blackberry

Media>> Highlight Pictures>> Click options button (BB button)>> Explore>> Media Card and the location of the relevant pictures (usually in the media card / blackberry / pictures)>> click the options button (BB button)>> show hidden

After Picture of the Hidden visible,
Picture highlights the>> options button (BB button)>> Properties>> uncheck HIDDEN
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Cover bare ordinances Logo on Blackberry BOLD

How do I remove Cover Logo on Blackberry BOLD. Once released, it's up to you .. whether the change with a plain cover or cover paint your operator logo with a color you like.

1. The tip of a screwdriver input MIN (-) as shown below. careful, do not be too hard .. so as not to damage the surface. Then press gently land.

2. After the cover is open, slide the screwdriver min (-) laterally slowly. To be able to cover off, done by slowly. In order not to damage the friction

3. In this picture, the cover was off the operator. (up, would you replace with a different color, or cover your old paint at will)

4. How to install the Cover again .. Use double glue .. Like this picture

5. After a double off the glue, the glue can cover back into position. (see picture)

6. Cover is mounted again .. And you have a blackberry bold new face
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