Blackberry tips for smooth performance, stable and not slow

That's our Blackberry tips for smooth performance, stable and not slow.
Blackberry phones are not common, but a Smartphone. These tips apply to all types of messages, Curve, Pearl, Bold or Onyx. Here are his tips:

1. Try every 2-3 days, remove / loose batteries BB, and let stand for 1-2 minutes, this function is to remove and delete the file remains unused due to the process of chatting and browsing.

2. Perform routine Clear Event Log by pressing the ALT key + LGL G. Will appear in the display the results of the log, press the logo, select Clear Log, press Delete.

3. Do also routinely Memory cleaning, visually, select Options, Security Options, and Memory Cleaning, press the button  logo, and select Clean Now.

4. Every 2-3 days, do the Host Routing Table, by going to Options, Advanced Options, select Host Routing Table, press the logo, select Register Now.

5. And after the fourth step above, do well every 2-3 days Diagnostic Test, it is very important. Because of this sec appear on the screen if we are connected all the Blackberry, either PIN, Register and Email connection. By the way, select Options, Mobile Network, then press the logo, select Diagnostic Test, then press the logo button, choose RUN, let it run Completed process, if there is an Abort the process, repeat again that the results until there is an Abort .

That's our Blackberry tips for smooth performance, stable and not slow. May be useful... Remember, the above tips do not just grown, but must, in order to Blackberry smoothly and does not slow... For Blackberry instead of normal GSM phones... Blackberry is a smartphone.

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Blackberry OS 7, the mobile system safer for companies

A comparative study conducted by Trend Micro, the Blackberry OS 7 operating system has been considered the safest for business use. Although the financial and market situation of the Canadian company RIM does not go through the best of times, losing a large market share at the hands of mobile devices such as Apple's iPhone and Google's Android, its Blackberry OS 7 operating system are the safest in the market, according to Trend Micro.

The security firm says the report is totally independent and objectively evaluates the systems Blackberry OS, Apple iPhone OS, Windows Phone, and Android, although in the latter case, the system version used (2.3) for testing is not the most advanced and safe although the most widespread, while in the rest it has been used the last version.

For comparison, Trend Micro has evaluated 60 safety criteria in 12 categories. These include data encryption, encrypted connection, authentication, firewalls, passwords, security certificates, device protection, virtualization, corporate email, and application security, access to storage devices or security tools included.

The total scores of the study on 5 maximum points were:
- Blackberry OS 7.0: 2.89
- IOS 5.0: 1.70
- Windows Phone 7.5: 1.61- Android 2.3: 1,37

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Blackberry email signature and how to change it

For those of you who are just business as well as knowledge, changing the signature of an option after having a Blackberry. By default, the signature that appears is the default signature of the provider being used.

For the confused, the signature is a series of sentences or a signature that appears at the end of email messages that automatically appear every time send / reply to email. This could serve as a sign of recognition of self (identity) and the promotion of your website.

It's easy: 

1. Go to the Setup folder
2. Select the Email Settings (If a login, then fill your username and password)
3. Select an existing email e.g. yahoo, click the Blackberry menu and select Edit
4. Scroll down, and the Signature column, change as desired
5. Do not forget to click save
6. Will be asked for a confirmation email password, please enter your email password
7. Your signature has changed now

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Forgot Password Blackberry ID App World and How to Make New ID Blackberry

When will download a game or application on the Blackberry App World, all of a sudden you can not login to the Blackberry App World for Blackberry forgets the password of your ID? Or when will log only appears Error Unable to validate the email address and password combination (Error ID: 30 601). How do I Reset Password ID Blackberry App World? Here is a short step if you forget your Password Blackberry App World.

When you are prompted to login, but you forget the password you use, you can simply click on Forgot Password.

Enter the username of the Blackberry ID, typically an email address, after entering the Blackberry ID correctly click OK

If the Blackberry ID you entered is correct, then the next step is that you are required to answer the secret question or the Password Recovery Question, input correctly.

If you answer correctly Password Recovery Question, the next step you can simply change the password with a new password.

The question is now what if you forget the Blackberry ID, Password Recovery Question (secret question) and password? If you have a very hard issue such as this, the best step is to try to make the  .

The easiest way to create a new Blackberry ID is by visiting the following address and fills the data as complete as possible. Do not forget, use your email address and password that is memorable, too Password Recovery Question that is easy to answer....

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