Blackberry OS 7, the mobile system safer for companies

A comparative study conducted by Trend Micro, the Blackberry OS 7 operating system has been considered the safest for business use. Although the financial and market situation of the Canadian company RIM does not go through the best of times, losing a large market share at the hands of mobile devices such as Apple's iPhone and Google's Android, its Blackberry OS 7 operating system are the safest in the market, according to Trend Micro.

The security firm says the report is totally independent and objectively evaluates the systems Blackberry OS, Apple iPhone OS, Windows Phone, and Android, although in the latter case, the system version used (2.3) for testing is not the most advanced and safe although the most widespread, while in the rest it has been used the last version.

For comparison, Trend Micro has evaluated 60 safety criteria in 12 categories. These include data encryption, encrypted connection, authentication, firewalls, passwords, security certificates, device protection, virtualization, corporate email, and application security, access to storage devices or security tools included.

The total scores of the study on 5 maximum points were:
- Blackberry OS 7.0: 2.89
- IOS 5.0: 1.70
- Windows Phone 7.5: 1.61- Android 2.3: 1,37

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