Blackberry torch Hardware

Blackberry torch impressions: the blackberry, weirdly evolved blackberry maker research in motion, aiming to stay ahead of manufacturers of rival devices such as apple s iphone, unveiled its new blackberry 6 0 software and torch.

Blackberry maker research in motion, aiming to stay ahead of manufacturers of rival devices such as apple s iphone, unveiled its "new blackberry 6 0 software and torch."

Blackberry torch Hardware
Compared to more streamlined devices like the Captivate or iPhone 4... The Torch keeps the familiar, metal-like (it's plastic) bezel around the edges of the phone, looping around back just as with the Blackberry Bold, though this time it's split in two pieces due to the separate screen and keyboard portions of the phone. Along the right side of the phone is a 3.5mm headphone jack, volume rockers, and user-assignable convenience key (it defaults to the camera), while the left side houses only the Micro USB jack. Nothing really compares to the spacious keyboard of the "original Bold", but for a device packing a larger touchscreen, there's little compromise.

we were impressed with the technical aspects of RIM's design here -- the company certainly built a solid, capable device from a hardware perspective. There's nothing daring or lust-worthy about this design
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OTA download files from your computer

OTA downloading a file, usually done directly with the blackberry, but what if you want to download OTA files, but when you do browsing using the PC / Notebook?

This actually is very easy if you are browsing using Mozilla, because Mozilla addon already available to "download OTA files"

ota you want to download files directly from your notebook?

please let Mozilla addon download below and install on your Mozilla browser

for mozila

for google chrome
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Blackberry error 523 solutions

for those of you Blackberry users are upset because error523, caused by alt + THMN and there were crashes of a particular application.
This problem is often found in some people using blackberries Jave.

The solution is quite complicated, because backup data is difficult, even I could not.
Because hangs directly connect with DM.

The solution is the wrong one: Blackberry reinstall the firmware. but data can not be backup. (Wipe then reinstall)
-. Disconnect the battery Blackberry
-. Plug into your PC / laptop to writing device connected to Unknown
-. Next and run the next step.

hopefully help
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