chek IMEI Blackberry here

Check your IMEI handhel to assure that it is correct or not the designation of your handheld with the IMEI written reply, this link

Because many cases of incidents or Refurbish Blackberry revolving 14 market days after the check was intended linked above difference between the allotment and handhelds are used, such as 8300 samples after the check was intended to bb 8700C or 8310 after a check intended for the BlackBerry Pearl 8100.

It's not all Refurbish or 14 days is not good, because in reality Ops itself as AT & T also produces Refurbish Blackberry and can cost half the price of a new 3-month warranty but they guarantee their Refurbish NO PIN and IMEI cloning.

In this month already there are tens or even hundreds Blackberry RIM suspended by the result of the PIN and IMEI cloning this so be careful in selling or buying the Blackberry even a year distributor warranty because they are generally not responsible for suspending the PIN and unlock requesting services, could lose if every month you need to get out money back and forth hundreds of thousands just for Unlocked Blackberry. Not to mention the ever-changing PIN reply.

For buyers you do not become the next victim by getting Blackberry achieved the dream but can only be used for a certain period and in general the PIN and IMEI cloning lasted 2-3 months, because to continue to use BIS service means to them unlocked again wrote to the PIN do not want to spend more in another, longer cape reply every 2-3 months to get out money only for handheld unlocked, not to mention the need to re-telling his colleagues in Blackberry Messenger to change your PIN even though it will not affect much.

For sellers, too bad because customers would be satisfied even if the item purchased was not affected by the problem at all, not just a month or two months without any problems, but this was possible without problems because so hard to build and maintain the reputation of a trusted seller who must needs struggle to maintain and generate customer trust reputation but to drop will be very easy to like the back hand so please be careful with the seller is also the case of emerging lately that the PIN was suddenly suspended.

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