3 different ways Reset Blackberry

As you know, to reset the blackberry is the first step taken to overcome problems in Bblackberry. Here are some types of RESET BB. Hard Reset blackberry, blackberry Soft Reset, Double-blackberry soft reset . Usefulness of each reset varies ..

1. SOFT RESET Blackberry
to perform a soft reset blackberry press ALT + Right Shift (CAP) + DELETE

2. DOUBLE-SOFT reset Blackberry

Double-soft reset will stop all applications on the BB and almost the same as doing a hard-reset. Noteworthy is his timing.
Perform a soft reset as the number 1, the screen will be blank .. now is not a black screen, press ALT + Right Shift (CAP) + DELETE again .. The screen will blank again, and hold an hourglass will come out .. wait until the blackberries ready again.

3.HARD RESET Blackberry

to perform a hard reset is easy: Disconnect battery 30 seconds, plug it in again. BB will boot from the beginning.
Hard Reset is the first step if there is a problem in the network, software or hardware.
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Against Ghost Eater Email to blackberry

Email Eater's ghost that lives in the blackberry memory by the system deemed less to do process.
With noble intentions, the new email would still get in, so we can read the latest email.not like sms mailbox if full wait until empty again.

Ghost Fight solution Email Eater at the blackberries are not going to bother with this

1. Keep ur email under 5000
2. Clear any chat history window after use. (YM, GTalk, fuel, JiveTalk, etc.)
3. Clear Browser History
4. Clear log dr Home screen, ALT + LGLG
5. SoftReset once a week or pull the battery.
6. FreeMem, once a day. (such as taking medication only) must send a fix for

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free premium theme Metalic Precision for blackberry by JC design

sometimes we get bored with the appearance of the blackberries that we have so that makes us sick to hold blackberries, to overcome this by replacing one appearance or theme, other than making us more beautiful blackberries also make us increasingly do not want released to the blackberry

for that please download the following themes Metalic_Precision:

Blackberry 8300
Blackberry 8500
Blackberry 8900
Blackberry 9000
Blackberry 9500
Blackberry 9630


This file is not stored on the hosting that I have, so any time will be deleted, if the link is dead I can not update the link
for those who like to please get the download,
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how to reduce the use of trackball on blacberry

This is for beginners who use a trackball bb was (minus gemini)
really easy to do we reduce our blackberry usage unless we are again in the home menu or even want to choose the menu and the application
after we open a specific application, this is where we can reduce our use of trackball
The following list trackball usage reductions:

@ browser
Here we can use the option key (symbol bb) to do everything
we can continue the current page turunin we see by pressing "space" without the need to shake our trackball
and if we want to direct to the bottom of page views we can pake letter "b", the screen will automatically display at the bottom of the display page, or use the letter "t" so we went straight to the top of the page ketampilan
and use the "enter" when we're choosing something (eg when you're logged in facebook, or myspace we immediately hit enter without having to "click" log in using the trackball "
could reduce the considerable trackball

@ media player
music, maybe everyone can not live without music ....
When we turn ON your music player in the bb, kalo we want to move songs to other songs do not we use our trackball to melakukann it. Simply by pressing the volume buttons (+ and -) on mindahin to stay on track ... how long push when we're home menu screen

@ pictures
live push the letter "n" to see photos forward and "p" for clay backward image

hopefully useful
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hard reset procedure for blackberry 9700 bold

to repair minor damage in the blackberries are not far different from the other phone, if the other phone is hard resset term on any blackberries, too, below is a hard procedure to resset blackberry 9700 bold :

Reset the device
Remove and reinsert the battery.
BlackBerry 9700 Bold Hard reset

Format the device memory or a media card
If you format the BlackBerry® device memory or a media card, all the files in the device memory or on the media card are deleted.
Depending on your device model, you might not be able to format your device memory.
1. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.
2. Click Memory.
3. Press the Menu key.
4. Click Format.
5. Complete the instructions on the screen.

Warning: All data on your phone will be deleted.

hopefully helpful
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Blackberry pearl 8100 unlock code

1 - Go to Options Menu => Advanced Options
2 - In the SIM Card menu, hold down the shift (right of the zero, cap) press meppd
3 - You'll see the unlocking level screen there you hold the ALT key (left side below @) type mepp2
4 - Enter the unlock code.


This procedure unlocks the handset from being network restricted from only using SIM cards from Vodafone Australia. In case of difficulties, please refer to the FAQ listed below

1. Take note of the unlocking code shown above

2. Insert a Non-Vodafone Australia working SIM card.

3. Ensure the phone is charged and then switch the phone on.

4. Optional Step: If the SIM card has a PIN, enter your PIN number. (See FAQ below)

5. The phone will then display a message. The most common is “Invalid SIM card”. (Different message? See FAQ below)

6. Select “Turn Wireless Off”

7. Select “Settings” Menu , then go to Advanced Options > SIM Card

8. Type alt-MEPT by holding the ALT-key and typing the letters MEPT with multitap i.e. type hold ALT, type {M}{ER}{OP}{OP}{TY}

9. When prompted with “Enter Network MEP code (255 left)” on the screen, enter the 16-digit network unlock code provided for your phone, then press Enter. (Unlocking code is shown above)

10. Reset the phone by pulling the battery

11. Switch the phone on and the handset will be unlocked automatically. This will be confirmed if you can make and receive calls with the Non-Vodafone Australia SIM card. (You will need reception and phone credit with the different network provider)

Please Note:

If the unlocking code is entered incorrectly the next attempt to unlock the device will be delayed for 10 seconds increments. The number of unlocking attempts is limited to 255 tries only. When 255 attempts is reached the phone will be permanently blocked.

To unblock the phone, it must be taken to a RIM service centre. No outgoing calls including emergency call is possible when the phone is blocked.
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free premium theme blackberry storm

when I brosing I find the download link free premium themes, so if the links below are inactive for an update I can not, for that please download now


* Multiple On Screen Shortcuts
* Custom Easy To Read Signal and Battery Meters
* Wifi Information Ready for Storm 2
* Custom Icons
* Right Mix of Colors
* Hidden Today Feature
* 12 on Screen Icons (Fully Customizable)
* "Precision Zen" Type Front Icon Structure
* Font Easy on the Eyes
* WJD Designs Theme

Minimum Requirements:

* Storm
o Data Plan
o Blackberry Device

Display Dimensions : 480x360
Operating System : 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0

once again I remind you to download now free

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hardreset procedures and soft reset Acer N20w

on every phone must have a soft reset and also hardreset, and this morning I bring to you tips on how to hard reset and soft reset Acer N20w

well follow the instructions below:

A hard reset will erase all records and entries stored in your handheld. Never perform
a hard reset unless a soft reset does not correct your problem. When you perform your
next ActiveSync operation, you can restore any data that you previously synchronised
to your computer. To perform a hard reset, do the following:

1. Detach the battery pack from your handheld.
Refer to "To uninstall the battery pack" on page 9 for instructions.
2. Slide up the hard reset switch located on the right side of the battery bay (a) then slide it down again (b).
3. After resetting your handheld, reinstall the battery pack in its bay. Refer to "To install the battery pack" on page 8 for instructions.

NOTE: When you perform a hard reset, the current date and time are retained. Formats,
preferences, and other settings are restored to their factory default settings.
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how to install themes on blackberry

files themes and there are 3 kinds of applications:

This file must be installed via BlackBerry Desktop Manager
blackberry connect to a laptop or PC - select application loader menu - select the add / remove applications - click on BROWSE button - browse to the file. alx stored, then OPEN - check back if the file already exists on the list, then NEXT - click FINISH - stay close DM work - there'll be writing "The loading operation was successfull" - Please loose BB from the PC

copy the folder containing the files. cod and. jad to the BB (eg friendster.cod and to the memory friendster.jad BB) - the BlackBerry home screen, select the folder MEDIA - BB push button - select explore - browse the folders that had been on Friendster simpen (example only) - open FILE. JAD NOT. CoD - select DOWNLOAD - OK.
then returned to the HOME SCREEN BB open option - themes - select themes that have been installed.

if ONLY file. jad .. must be installed via the browser should ONLINE Blackberry and his or BIS active
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I change the gprs letters to uppercase on blackberry

now consider the case gprs on your blackberry screen, whether the letter gprs still using lowercase or uppercase? the blackberry gprs letters can be changed into capital letters, unlike the other phone, I addressed these tips for you who like to play blackberry. you want to try it? follow the steps below:

1. go to Options> Advanced Options> Host Routing Table> select yangg the BB logo on tap select register now
2. go to Options> Mobile Network> Network Selection Mode> change to the manual
3. select another operator, press logo BB> save
4. pull batrey
5. repeat step 1, replace the automatic

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Pictures Unhide Hidden in the Picture folder on the blackberry

actual blackberry pengoprasianya almost the same way with computers, although almost the same with computers but I hope this tutorial is useful for those of you who just have a blackberry

Media>> Highlight Pictures>> Click options button (BB button)>> Explore>> Media Card and the location of the relevant pictures (usually in the media card / blackberry / pictures)>> click the options button (BB button)>> show hidden

After Picture of the Hidden visible,
Picture highlights the>> options button (BB button)>> Properties>> uncheck HIDDEN
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chek IMEI Blackberry here

Check your IMEI handhel to assure that it is correct or not the designation of your handheld with the IMEI written reply, this link http://www.numberingplans.com/?page=analysis&sub=imeinr

Because many cases of incidents or Refurbish Blackberry revolving 14 market days after the check was intended linked above difference between the allotment and handhelds are used, such as 8300 samples after the check was intended to bb 8700C or 8310 after a check intended for the BlackBerry Pearl 8100.

It's not all Refurbish or 14 days is not good, because in reality Ops itself as AT & T also produces Refurbish Blackberry and can cost half the price of a new 3-month warranty but they guarantee their Refurbish NO PIN and IMEI cloning.

In this month already there are tens or even hundreds Blackberry RIM suspended by the result of the PIN and IMEI cloning this so be careful in selling or buying the Blackberry even a year distributor warranty because they are generally not responsible for suspending the PIN and unlock requesting services, could lose if every month you need to get out money back and forth hundreds of thousands just for Unlocked Blackberry. Not to mention the ever-changing PIN reply.

For buyers you do not become the next victim by getting Blackberry achieved the dream but can only be used for a certain period and in general the PIN and IMEI cloning lasted 2-3 months, because to continue to use BIS service means to them unlocked again wrote to the PIN do not want to spend more in another, longer cape reply every 2-3 months to get out money only for handheld unlocked, not to mention the need to re-telling his colleagues in Blackberry Messenger to change your PIN even though it will not affect much.

For sellers, too bad because customers would be satisfied even if the item purchased was not affected by the problem at all, not just a month or two months without any problems, but this was possible without problems because so hard to build and maintain the reputation of a trusted seller who must needs struggle to maintain and generate customer trust reputation but to drop will be very easy to like the back hand so please be careful with the seller is also the case of emerging lately that the PIN was suddenly suspended.

Once again this link:http://www.numberingplans.com/?page=analysis&sub=imeinr
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blackberry os upgrade tutorial without using blackberry desktop manager

blackberry os upgrade tutorial without using blackberry desktop manager

0. eliminate the nature of panic
1. backup device with the DM
2. delete the file "vendor.xml" in the folder ProgramFiles> commonfiles> reasearchinmotion> upploader
3. run the file "loader" in the folder ProgramFiles> commonfiles> reasearchinmotion> upploader
4. follow orders and do not forget to NOT select the option to backup and restore
5. wait until the device installation process restarts (10-30 minutes) *
6. play device for 5 minutes
7. restart shift right + alt + del
8. restore device with DM
9. please enjoy your new os

* Do not interfere with the upgrade process may cause brick devices (die), try using a laptop to avoid dying light. just do not be disturbed. just wait.
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video tutorial how to dismantle pairs of blackberries

BlackBerry 7100i assembly and disassembly

BlackBerry 7130e assembly and disassembly

BlackBerry 8100 assembly and repair tutorial

Blackberry 8220 video tutorial

BlackBerry 8310 assembly and repair tutorial

BlackBerry 8700C Disassembly and repair tutorial

BlackBerry 8703e assembly and disassembly

BlackBerry 8800 assembly

BlackBerry 8900

BlackBerry 8900

BlackBerry 9000 disassembly

BlackBerry 9000 assembly

BlackBerry 9500 disassembly

Blackberry Storm 9500 broken screen replace

how to clean blackberry trackball

blackberry trackball adjustment on magnetic
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MSN in blackberry out the message"service not available for this device"

if you often use MSN on your blackberry? or even you can not separate them with MSN as a means of communication with friends or your working relationship, although we often use MSN if MSN is not necessarily that we use on our blackberries will run normally, and MSN sometimes on Blackbery we will have a sign error would come out the message "service not available for this device"

how do we overcome this? you do not panic, but it can still handle himself the way we follow the instructions below:

go to option> advanced> application
type (eg) "window" -> if out 2 seeds
windows live messenger - x.x.x.xx
windows live messenger - x.x.x.xx
remove the bottom

and after that should have been running normally, because of this I have proved myself and managed, may be useful for you, thank you
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procedures FORCE OS INSTALL MODE on the blackberry

Can be used to upgrade, downgrade & reinstall

1. Use latest version of DM
2. Find the folder in C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ Shared \ Loader Files
3. Remove all folders that is not the version you want to upgrade (so reserving 1 folder you want to upgrade upgrade)
4. Fox sets of BB so offline mode (turn off all connection)
5. Disconnect the battery (BB still connect a PC) ==> optional,
6. Click on the windows + R (run), type 'cmd' without quotes to open the command prompt
7. Type:
cd \
cd program files
cd common files
cd research in motion
cd apploader
loader / nojvm
8. I'll be kebuka upploader automated wizard, and FORCED to NOT CHECK BB VERSION
9. Just stay next push, continue to select the applications that want the install
10. Next, wait for food cooked and
11. Hard reset let me add solid
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send and receive data using Bluetooth on blackberry Gemini

The way the Blackberry Bluetooth Pairing
1. On the main menu, go to Manage Connections
2. Select the Bluetooth Options
3. Press the BB button, select Options
4. second row 'discoverable' select 'Yes'
5. Press the BB button, click Save, and then automatically return to the menu paired Devices
6. Press the BB button, select Add Device, press Search and wait for the list of devices appears
7. Select your device will connect and wait
8. Enter the confirmation code on your Blackberry, is also on devices that you want to connect bluetooth
9. Bluetooth was connected and you are ready to exchange data.

How to Transfer Data Using Bluetooth:
Sending data from Blackberry
1. the file you want to send, press the BB
2. Select the 'send using bluetooth "
3. Will appear which lists terlah Bluetooth devices connected to your Blackberry
4. On the device you want to send, select the menu 'Receive using Bluetooth'
5. Then on your BlackBerry, select the list, the device that you want to send.
6. Files will be sent to perfection.

Receive data to Blackberry
1. the Blackberry in the menu MEDIA
2. BB press
3. Select "Receive Using Bluetooth"
4. new device would you send, click send
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yahoo messenger for blackberry

taste-taste blackberries incomplete if no yahoo messenger, now for it if you frequently use yahoo messenger to communicate with your friends, it is time you can chat with friends with yahoo messenger on your blackberry.

Straight from RIM, BlackBerry Messenger is the best instant messaging software out there today... hands down. The feature we like best is the PIN to PIN capability.
If you own a BlackBerry, and don't already have this installed for some reason, you can download it by clicking the link below.

Download BlackBerry Messenger on your BlackBerry at: http://mobile.blackberry.com
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