blackberry charge problem solutions

I am back with a trick to repair damage to the yan blackberry can not be in charge, there are several factors why the blackberry that you have now is especially blackberry 83xx conduct disorder at the time of charge, you must know that a handset can work with very small voltages, unlike the voltage in your house, this small current is often hampered when dust, or rust, so the condition of your blackberry should really clean, well for sure whether your blackberry really clean on the charger connector, please open your own and you look at the charge and the pin connector located on the PCB charge your blackberry, if the conditions were clean but still could not make a charge, please check at the point, if you do not know the track, try to see the picture below, if the damage turns out on the path, then the next step is to make jumpers to connect the broken lines
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How to Move to New Blackberry phonebook from the old Blackberry

You have just bought a new Blackberry 9650, the problem is the whole phonebook or contact you at your old Blackberry 8310. Then how to transfer contacts from blackberry phonebook or new to the old blackberry or other mobile phone? The easiest way is to copy the phonebook to the SIM card, but of course very limited way to remember the ability to store phonebook sim only a few hundred only, not got a thousand other than that if you have email at contact, sometimes can not tercopy to the simcard.

The second alternative, is to use online services on the internet (eg Gmail) for synchronizing contacts. Online synchronization process is quite worth a try because of convenience and of course you can synchronize kapannya anywhere and most importantly affordable Internet access.

Another alternative is to use Outlook in sync with the laptop, use the Device Swith on the Blackberry Desktop Manager Wizard.
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How to Update Blackberry, Directly from the BlackBerry

You must know the process Update / Upgrade your computer through the Blackberry OS, in which we live download the OS files to our computer, with an Application Loader and then we can direct the process of our Blackberry Operating System Update. In this way, for some people it is quite complicated. Though there is a fairly easy way to do Process Update your Blackberry directly, without requiring the help of computers, namely the process update the OTA (Over The Air).

To get to the menu Option> Advanced Options> Wireless Update. When an update is available for your blackberry, icon will appear to perform the update process. Such a process is quite easily done and certainly not too complicated. The time required may take up to 2 hours, so get ready for it to charge your Blackberry, so as not to run out of battery when the update process is underway.
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Antivirus applications for blackberry

Blackberry you want to remain safe, free from viruses? Then an application called Lookout can be an alternative to protect your Blackberry from a virus attack. Even not only that Lookout can also be relied upon to back up important files on your Blackberry. Here is an important feature of the Lookout

    * Antivirus, Antivirus Yups Lookout is a Blackberry that will protect you from viruses by searching and found malicious files on your Blackberry
    * Data Backup, with Lookout, you can perform backups of data (picture and contacts) on your Blackberry, and where and whenever you can restore it back up, even backing up you can access via a laptop.
    * Missing Device, your Blackberry is lost or forgotten stored where? Do not worry Lookout can help you, with the alarm feature and can even wipe the Blackberry you, so Blackberry data you will not be accessible to others.
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Mafia Wars tips on your Blackberry

Mafia Wars game on Facebook is very popular and lots of fans. If you are addicted to one game Mafia Wars and want to play these games on your Blackberry, which could be used as an alternative option is to first install the browser by Bolt. With Bolt Browser you can play Mafia Wars, because it's one of the browser can run javascript support alias so it will be able to run the Mafia Wars on your Blackberry. Please visit the official Web Bolt or could in the search on the World to Download Blackberry App Bolt Browser
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application e-Mobile Weather for blackberry 8900

e-Mobile Weather works on BB 8900


    * Comprehensive weather information directly from your BlackBerry.
    * Detail weather data for the day and forecast for upcoming 4 days.
    * Watch intuitive weather trend chart and radar image.
    * Support cities across the world so you are prepared before the trip.
    * Weather updated automatically every 30 minutes. Watch the weather icon changing dynamically.
    * Support both online/offline mode.
    * Highly customizable for various themes and weather display and more.
    * No subcription required!

Download here
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Free Application For BlackBerry

BlackBerry is a wireless handheld device that has the ability to push e-mail, mobile phone, sms, internet fax, surf the Internet, and various other wireless capabilities.
BlackBerry advantage lies in its ability to support new applications because it is made with a standard platform that can facilitate the application developers follow to create an attractive additional feature.
This free software will certainly add to the function of your BlackBerry becomes more diverse

1. Google Mobile
Google This facility is provided free of charge to users BlackBerry users
Download :

2. MyLocation
MyLocation is supporting the GPS application that can report the location to the web server regularly to your mobile phone as an owner or other person who has you select a previously own.
Download :

3. Opera Mini Browser
Opera Mini Browser has a uniqueness that is located in a different color scheme choices.
This is very helpful if you use a theme that tends to appear dark.
Opera Mini Browser also has a speed in displaying a page
Download :

BBNotepad have the same functions with notepad in Microsoft Windows.
BBNotepad can open a text file format ANSI, UNICODE, UNICODE-BE and UTF-8
Download :

5. Oanda FXConverter
Oanda FXConverter used for currency conversion.
Oanda FXConverter only supports version 4.0 or newer.
Download :

6. BlackBerry Quick Pull
This application can help you to do the soft reset easily
Download :

7. BlackBerry Updater
BlackBerry Updater is an application to perform the update
Download :

8. Lock Talk
Talk Lock is an application to lock the screen and specifically intended for the BlackBerry Storm is equipped with touch screen.

9. Blinko
Chat application that can be used for Google Talk, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo and AIM
Download :

10. Minimoni
Applications for GPRS usage monitor
Minimoni available to the BlackBerry operating system version 4.1 and 4.2,
Download :
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Another step taken by RIM

Search for Research In Motion,
better known as RIM announced a solution is reached. The company has searched for ways to keep your BlackBerry smartphone to car navigation systems tie.
It has signed a reality after the RIM with Harman International. The agreement allows RIM to get QNX Software Systems, enables companies to achieve their goals. The agreement must be approved by regulators. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Expected to solve takes up to 45 days is required.

RIM announced that the company looks forward to further collaboration with QNX and Harman in the future.The new company will allow the user a greater experience for smartphones in terms of in-car audio and other IT systems. be RIM announced that the acquisition of QNX add more value to their strong support for the product to be announced in the future, intelligent peripherals plans. In addition, the company explained all this adds more to its intellectual property portfolio.

announced, on the other side of the table Harmon that he would continue to work closely with QNX, with the latest software solution that offers Harmon. The company is optimistic that they move to encourage customers and see it as a big step in the promotion of smart devices.

RIM is a leading manufacturer, designer and marketer of innovative wireless sollutions. You wild world mobile market. Their technology allows for a variety of third party developers to produce and improve their own products. RIM has a broad portfolio of award-winning products and services and technology. It is thousands of organizations worldwide that uses a wireless BlackBerry covers.

RIM is Canada in Waterloo, Ontario. It was established in 1984. The company has offices in Asia, Europe and America. .

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Blackberry, a digital world trendsetter

Blackberry. hmm new is ice cream flavor? apparently not .. These wealthy people now hear a word already on the BB ato fluent Blackberry. but there are also people who turned out to be not yet understood what it was Blackberry. Blackberry is a device similar to mobile communications in general, can be used for phone and sms of course, with Java-based operating system made by RIM (Research In Motion). One of its advantages is anywherenya internet connection. But do not always assume that by buying the Blackberry connection can be directly obtained. We must subscribe to one of the existing providers

Having a Blackberry without a subscription to BlackBerry Internet Service would just be ordinary mobile phone to make even a headache, because my choices were not as good as mobile phones such as Symbian OS, but if blackberry service is enabled by the internet service blackberry, blackberry replacement laptop for blogging, chatting, facebook and email access. One of the advantages sophisticated mobile phone with a Blackberry than a more expensive price than the Blackberry is a system for email processing.

If on the other mobile phone to pull mail into our inboxes to be done manually (pull technology) or through a special email software, while the blackberries, emails appear as SMS, email on the blackberry will appear some time after sent by the sender to the blackberries we (PUSH technology ). Excess other blackberries are in compression of incoming email to the inbox, the comparison with ordinary email is 1:100, so it is like someone sent an email with size 1000 Kb (1 Mega) then the incoming email inbox sized blackberries only 10kB! In other words, the use of the Internet connection must be thrifty and email capacity becomes very large as the capacity of an sms. however, these emails can be deleted automatically if the internal memory blackberries are shrinking, so the blackberry to automatically delete an email / sms is there to raise the amount of internal memory. Right now a lot of products that berdedar blackberries with varying prices. Blackberry needs to be noted is not the same as any other handphone mostly running well if we buy that is not the official warranty. Blackberry comes with a PIN that is useful to internet through Blackberry Internet Service through the provider you are taking. This PIN is what is called suspend kadangkalah experience. In other words already in the PIN blackberry black list by RIM's Blackberry as a vendor. So to avoid susnpend PIN, it's good to make sure your PIN does not suspend guarantees by asking the seller or directly activating the Blackberry Internet Service at the front of the seller. So if there apa2 yes we can ask for compensation. may be generally like it, more or less can be added.
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The first blackberry

did you ever think about the early forms of blackberry? first blackberries blackberry are not as beautiful as you grasp the moment, and not as sophisticated as this blackberry, just knowledge alone that the blackberry is still an ancient relic form, even a little bit like a calculator, but over time the development of blackberry is a smart phone and even the more modern enthusiasts blackberries, and also a mobile target young people
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How to reset blackberry 8320

- Soft Reset
This mode is used to clean the log / log cleaner or reduce the files that are less important. How to do it easily, by pressing the [Alt] + [Capslock Right] + [Delete]

- Double Soft Reset
Double Soft Reset will stop all applications. To do so, first, do a soft reset until the screen turns black, the second press [Alt] + [Capslock Right] + [Delete] again. The next screen will be blank until the hourglass icon appears. Wait until the system is back to normal.

- Hard Reset
Perform Hard Reset if there are problems on the network / network, software or hardware. Reset of this type can be done by removing the battery for 30 seconds, then reinstall the batteries. Turn on the BlackBerry, the BlackBerry device will go on as at the beginning of use.

- Wipe Handheld
If the problem can not be resolved, you can use wipe action. Wipe the BlackBerry it is the Deep Hard Reset, the effect, such devices were cleaned and reinstalled the system. But before you are encouraged to backup the data first into the computer.

After terbackup data, wipe the process you can do, from Blackberry menu select Options, Security Options, General Settings, press the BlackBerry menu key and select wipe handheld. Check the option Include Third party application to delete the data applications that are installed in BlakcBerry. Select Continue, and then typing blackberry.

I suggest you keep your batteries in conditions that are full for this handheld wipe the process takes long enough, even more if you use data protection features. Once done wipe, you can not stop and cancel it.
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Review Os blackberry Onyx

1. boot around 1menit 20 seconds.
2. 134Mb free her after a restore (all except the email that pretty big). Applications installed, YM, fuel, GTalk, ICQ, Wordpress, Twitter RIM, Facebook, QL, Addonis, Pro Cal.
3. My onyx problems that seemed stuck in the carrier logo (approximately 10menit) 1:20 now thoroughly-finished bag of pairs to be using that batre.
4. Video problems that can not fast forward at .566 (can only go up per second) is over here now too great.
5. Select the browsing problem jumping on the .545 does not happen here I think has improved from .566
6. Camera test result a few times think bagusan .566, but not too much different.
7. Default fuel has brought
8. Current browse OK and seemed better
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Procedure DOWN GRADE OS (Wipe BB dengan JL_CMDR) on Blackberry

OS bb remove it at once .. then in any bw who enter in accordance with the handheld type of course. There is also a running friend blackberrians wipe with JL_CMDR before the OS upgrade (sometimes necessary, sometimes guns necessary).

so, here's how .. after finishing a few steps below, continuing with the procedure in OS UPGRADE TIPS

1. Install jl_cmdr.exe

2. Data Backup

3. Run jl_cmdr

4. Will be asked "This BlackBerry ™ lock with a password?

4a. If you select yes and then typing password

5. Select the menu number 4. Wipe with the press no. 4

6. Type the blackberry

7. Your handheld will wipe process

8. Your handheld will have a code 503

JL_Cmder what?
JL_Cmder stands is JavaLoader Commander. JavaLoader is a command line tool imaginable on the BlackBerry. JL_Cmder simplify the use of perintah2 (commands) that are often used in JavaLoader.

JL_Cmder can be anything?
1. deviceinfo - handheld displays info.
2. eventlog - handheld displays the event log.
3. screenshots - make clear what dong (OS 4.0.2 + required)
4. wipe - Removes OS handhelds (also siy guns, but a trivial like that)
5. resettofactory - Eliminate IT Policy. (OS 4.3 + required).
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