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BlackBerry Messenger will have support for video calls on BlackBerry 10

According to information provided by the Crackberry website moments ago held a conference for investors from RIM, where Thorsten Heins was showing all the events, business plans and upcoming releases of the company.

Among one of the messages given was that the Blackberry Messenger messaging platform allowing expand its possibilities make video calls between users.

Blackberry Messenger is messaging platform today the most important and popular Blackberry, but it is gaining market What Sapp is one of the main reasons why many users want to buy a smartphone from the company; reason Thorsten Heins, CEO RIM took the opportunity to fix its position on the rumors that were planning to license Blackberry Messenger, ensuring that your platform is excellent, why not decide to share it.

Although the functionality of video calling is now available on Blackberry Playbook will be very interesting to use in a smartphone from RIM.
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"BlackBerry 10" there will be a physical keyboard

After the last presentation of the new operating system from RIM, "Blackberry 10" and call for developers 10 in alpha dev Blackberry World in Orlando Florida, attacking curiosity about whether the Canadian company still plans to launch a phone with a Qwerty keyboard physically traditional.

Where is the CEO of RIM himself, Thorsten Heins said that although the presentation of a new platform for developers and equipment based on the touch screen, if you have any plans to release a phone with a physical keyboard in the future, though probably not from the start when the first mobile phone with the new system will be thrown.

It's a bit quiet the concerns of some fans of the brand, so it is used and liked the physical QWERTY keyboard. So, in a few months into the official launch of "Blackberry 10" and then the first smartphone to a new platform, it is almost certain that we only see and touch screen phones to arrive until 2013 was the first  physical Blackberry 10 keyboard.
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Blackberry OS 7, the mobile system safer for companies

A comparative study conducted by Trend Micro, the Blackberry OS 7 operating system has been considered the safest for business use. Although the financial and market situation of the Canadian company RIM does not go through the best of times, losing a large market share at the hands of mobile devices such as Apple's iPhone and Google's Android, its Blackberry OS 7 operating system are the safest in the market, according to Trend Micro.

The security firm says the report is totally independent and objectively evaluates the systems Blackberry OS, Apple iPhone OS, Windows Phone, and Android, although in the latter case, the system version used (2.3) for testing is not the most advanced and safe although the most widespread, while in the rest it has been used the last version.

For comparison, Trend Micro has evaluated 60 safety criteria in 12 categories. These include data encryption, encrypted connection, authentication, firewalls, passwords, security certificates, device protection, virtualization, corporate email, and application security, access to storage devices or security tools included.

The total scores of the study on 5 maximum points were:
- Blackberry OS 7.0: 2.89
- IOS 5.0: 1.70
- Windows Phone 7.5: 1.61- Android 2.3: 1,37

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Blackberry Bussines vs iPhone Multimedia Device

comparison blackberry business version and a multimedia version of the iphone, in my experience

Blackberry - Bussines
It bemar support your productivity because of the push email that the Almost Perfect, yes just sometimes my country operators whose services have liked but overall there is disruption to work and mobility, blackberry is really very supportive. For Fun, Blackberry Bold already have quality comparable to the iPhone screen

iPhone - Multimedia Device
e-mail offers good facilities and also have a very good screen quality but lack the iPhone is just a productivity problem. Email facilities are not as far as blackberries and existing applications in the iPhone most of the game. So basically the iPhone actually make fun. I used to play Trism and Disney all Star Cards. also the same as watching Simpsons The iPhone screen clean
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Blackberry in White pending the tablets and anti iPhone

There is excitement in the house Research In Motion.
In recent days the news is circulated, published initially on Wall Street Journal and subsequently taken up by all major international agencies, of an imminent debut of the Canadian market for tablets.

A news is not entirely new, indeed, since some indiscretion had begun to circulate earlier this year to coincide with the CES.

The rumors are now speaking of a BlackPad, 8.9 inch screen, for use in combination with a BlackBerry that would act as a modem.
Not a device independent, as the iPad, but certainly a potential competitor of the tablet from Apple.

But not all.
Again according to the rumors that are circulating these days, BlackBerry prepares to launch a new smartphone designed to compete directly with iPhone 4.
Touchscreen and Qwerty keyboard would be the main features, together with the latest release of the BlackBerry operating system: the 6.

Waiting to see if and when the news badged BlackBerry hit the market, the company launched a new version of the Bold 9700, this time in white version.
In this launch phase, the product is supported by a series of promotional activities with Vodafone, which offers in combination with subscription plans and users rechargeable
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utilities and games for rim blackberry download

rim blackberry rim blackberry software links: - this rim handheld page has many titles of software to choose from. Blackberry freeware directory best and free software for rim directory of freeware applications, utilities and games for rim blackberry download the best bb software and games absolutely free of charge. Rim blackberry downloads on cnet blackberry maker rim currently builds its blackberry desktop manager software only for windows machines, often leaving mac users out in the cold here we list a number of important. Rim software come to cnet for the software downloads related to rim blackberry. Rim developer resources containing info about rim, blackberry, rim research in motion announced on tuesday a series of software updates along with future plans for their blackberry devices these updates will enhance.

Rim blackberry desktop manager v pocketmac: macs and blackberrys if you find yourself with a craving for some new, uncharted piece of software for your blackberry handheld device, you won t have to soldier on any further, dear readers, as rim. Rim launches built for blackberry software site boy genius report come to cnet asia for product reviews and features on operating-system+software+rim-blackberry, plus technology news, blogs and software downloads. Re: duplicate calendar entries after rim software - blackberry this just happened to me as well, and apparently after some rim updates were made i've had my 8700c for years and never had this problem before will try the fixes others. Rim opens online software store for blackberry reuters rim developer resources containing info about rim, blackberry, rim developer, 857, 957, 850, 950, hdml code.
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Movistar Twitter for BlackBerry phones

The operator added an application to its mobile communications network so that users can access network devices microblogging from RIM.
Twitter Movistar included in its list of applications available for BlackBerry phones in Argentina. In this way, customers can stay current and connected with their contacts, and also get the latest news anytime, anywhere.

Through the interface, users will receive on their computers, Research In Motion (RIM) direct messages, notifications of new messages, answers and references on your screen. They may post links, take pictures and upload from the camera from the smartphone.

People who have a BlackBerry will be able to share their tweets, ideas and comments, keep contacts and search for topics by name, date or place, using all the features it offers microblogging network.

The application is free and can be downloaded from the BlackBerry App World site, which also include other platforms such as Facebook, Windows Mobile Messenger,, Videolog, Blogs, Terra Fotolog Chat and other offerings.
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Another step taken by RIM

Search for Research In Motion,
better known as RIM announced a solution is reached. The company has searched for ways to keep your BlackBerry smartphone to car navigation systems tie.
It has signed a reality after the RIM with Harman International. The agreement allows RIM to get QNX Software Systems, enables companies to achieve their goals. The agreement must be approved by regulators. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Expected to solve takes up to 45 days is required.

RIM announced that the company looks forward to further collaboration with QNX and Harman in the future.The new company will allow the user a greater experience for smartphones in terms of in-car audio and other IT systems. be RIM announced that the acquisition of QNX add more value to their strong support for the product to be announced in the future, intelligent peripherals plans. In addition, the company explained all this adds more to its intellectual property portfolio.

announced, on the other side of the table Harmon that he would continue to work closely with QNX, with the latest software solution that offers Harmon. The company is optimistic that they move to encourage customers and see it as a big step in the promotion of smart devices.

RIM is a leading manufacturer, designer and marketer of innovative wireless sollutions. You wild world mobile market. Their technology allows for a variety of third party developers to produce and improve their own products. RIM has a broad portfolio of award-winning products and services and technology. It is thousands of organizations worldwide that uses a wireless BlackBerry covers.

RIM is Canada in Waterloo, Ontario. It was established in 1984. The company has offices in Asia, Europe and America. .

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