how to overcome JUM Error 545 on Blackberry

blackberry you may have a problem "JUM Error 545" during startup? or have ever been found blackberries are experiencing such problems? facktor one or the cause of "JUM Error 545" is often removed without turning off the blackberry batrey according to the procedure

for that I will give you tutorials on how to cope with "JUM Error 545" follow the steps below:

1. Install Desktop Manager
2. Install OS Updater
(do not forget to delete the file Vendor.xml)

1. Disconnect the battery (keep moving until the process no 7)
2. Desktop Manager and turn
3. USB connect to blackberry and PC
4. Then click the Application Loader of Desktop Manager
5. Select the applications that want to install ... and then click Finish
6. Desktop Manager will make the process of "Erasing Applications" ... wait until the end
7. Later in the "Connecting JVM" ... let the first moment ... and then plug it in again baterey
8. Later after the batteries installed, Desktop Manager will automatically continue the process
9. Just wait until completion ...

Blackberry finally

note: all existing data missing

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Mark said...

Thanks. You saved the day.

Anonymous said...

I had an error come up during the application loading that said it couldn't connect to my device. Any suggestions for that?

Anonymous said...

I would like to say thanks also. very good info which helped to restore the phone. Thanks again.

Melanie said...

SOLUTION to Blacberry 8310 JVM Error 545
I've had that error before as well and I had to reload, but this time, when the error came up with the rectangle that said "RESET" above that there was an option to scroll for a command.
I tried "Continue" but it couldn't continue. I then scrolled all the way through and found an option that said, "Debug messages" and after a few minutes my normal screen came back, no reload necessary. (knock on wood)
I knew it happened after I opened a gmail message with unreadable logos from school that I couldn't see. But instead of returning the screen to the main screen before putting it on the holster, I just put it in. I don't know if that caused the problem.
Anyway - I chose Debug Messages and it worked.

Melanie said...

In the RESET field, you might be able to scroll to other options.
Try scrolling to Debug Messages - after a few minutes mine was working again.

Jay said...

Thanks a ton

Andre said...

for jay ,Thank you again, if you've found the solution your blackberry?

Unknown said...

OMG thanks! i have been looking for hours... i couldn t find anything! than i tried your step by step fix! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my blackberry is working again!

Binu said...

i don't get the debug messages