How To Buy used Blackberry Playbook

You want to buy secondhand blackberryplaybook? but do not know his condition is still good or not, what should you do?The following are several ways before you make a purchase Blackberry Playbook used
Blackberry Playbook

This in my opinion:
1. Asked warranty Quote:
Black Market-if asked for receipts show purchases (who knows there is still a store warranty)
in case an official guarantee, ask for warranty card show.
Check serial number: is the box same playbook that in accordance
way of checking in the NT: press the tip of the gear icon top right -> click on about -> serial number

2. Completeness check:
manual book complete, charger, original sleeve (outer item color, blue color inside), data cable, cleaning cloth (the color of the item).
Completeness confused if anything, search it on you tube with the keyword: unboxing playbook

Physical check: (check the smoothness playbook)
3. Check the screen, ask the seller for the same app installed that could have injured or clay screen was normal. (Free in the app world playbook)

4. Body check playbook still smooth or not, the edges are also checked if it still offered very smooth
check the volume button (+) and (-) and the power button On-off (pressed just make the check function is normal or not).
Try to use the hands free for functional checks, playbook is still normal or not

check the hardware:
5. try play video in the playbook. If normal goods, it should be smooth-smooth.
6. Try to play music; check out the speaker quality is still good or not.

(Note: after trying to point 5 and 6, note the battery icon. Whether the battery drop / no.)

7. Try to connect Wifi on the playbook. Try browsing Wifi briefly to check the connection.

8. Bluetooth connects on your Blackberry with the playbook, if normal should be easily connected without any problems.

9. Trying to do bridge playbook with your Blackberry (do not forget to install the Blackberry bridge on your BB first), and try one by one bridgen menu.

Last, try to ask for personal guarantees by the seller.
With a condition: if there is a problem Playbook: often hangs, battery hubcaps, or even death asking for money back 100%. (If the normal stuff, usually given a personal guarantee 1bulan)

10. Battery while trying to do the charging, charging battery in the playbook is normal or not.
11. Try running one of the existing apps.

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