Recovery Mode or Safe Mode on Blackberry

There are times when going to "turn on Blackberry" or when we restart the Blackberry ", suddenly will not load aka Blackberry just can not say anything or if they do loading, just a half after that Blackberry restart again not to go into the menu.

When the Blackberry is not loading or go to the menu, one reason could be because there are applications that are corrupt or damaged, so that ultimately hinder the process of loading the Blackberry, especially if the faulty application is running when the "Blackberry booting.

The best way to overcome this problem is to "go into recovery mode" or "Safe Mode Blackberry". By going into Safe Mode, it means that applications can not be run automatically when BB powered on, which means it will not hinder "the process of loading the Blackberry.

To get into Safe Mode Blackberry, which is easy enough "pull the battery and reinstall it", well when the red LED lights disappear, then press and hold the Escape key, if there is a warning, select OK to go into Safe Mode or Recovery Mode.

After logging into Safe Mode, you can find or analyze "the cause’s application error", just like the applications installed. We recommend that you do the reinstall of the application.

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